man down, leggies and homecoming

i experienced something i have been dreading since i started a this blog: my first noticed decrease in followers. bum out. trying not to take it to heart. this would be a great time for any lurkers to come on out and save the day. definitely not thinking about who it is and what made them de-follow. i'm not for everyone, but i wish i wasn't such a numbers person.

in other news the last 4 pairs of leggies that i have are on mega sale in my etsy shop for $5 each. the are butterflies and black with hearts. i want these leggies to stand up and walk into someone else's house. i want to revemp the shop bigtime and these are the last purge i need to make. of course if no one goes for them i have 2 baby legs of my own that i could stuff inside of them.

jesse is coming home in minutes from spending 3 days away at a conference. i would not have survived without his AMAZING mom (and dad) helping me with the kids so i could work/think/breathe. i love those dukes. but the one i love the extra most on the planet is totally irreplaceable to me and to one little 23 month old who has been pined fiercely. he just pulled in!!!


  1. Keight,

    I'm a lurker, but I thought I'd just leave my two cents today. :-) I've seen a dramatic decrease in followers this week, too. I think your blog is great--I love reading about your kids and your crafts, and I'm enjoying getting to know you through what you write about. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  2. I'm a lurker as well -- been reading for a while & just love your blog & sense of humor!

    I'm also gonna need to check out those leggies this evening! I'm due with baby #2, a girl! in late July & I'm pretty sure that $5 is a steal for some home-made leggie goodness!


  3. Twas a joy--they're awesomely amazing munchkins!

  4. I follow you now, if that makes your heart feel just a little bit better. :) I'm too embarrassed to say how few followers I have! Probably because I abandoned my blog for like 8 months...

  5. I still follow :) You could never lose me! XO

  6. I've been lurking for awhile now from all the way up in northern MN and I think you're pretty great :)