if you've gotta have your birthday and anniversary on back to back days you can't do much better than them landing on a weekend like this past one. we did start out with some MAJOR earth-shattering news on friday afternoon that had me sobbing, but honestly it turned into a really cool family/amazing friends/god moment (more on this later). plus, when you're preggasaurus, sometimes a good cry feels awesome.

perfect weather! this was the 4 days forecast. unbeatable!

is it weird that i kind of feel proud when everyone talks about how much they love fall and the cool weather? i feel a kind of ownership over the month of october due to my special dates ushering the month in every year, so whenever anyone says "man, i LOVE fall" or writes it on their facebook statuses (as in, all the time) i want to be like, "you're welcome!"

we met up with my parents on saturday morning to have a b-day breakfast as this little joint. in the reviews they talked about the horrible weekend parking and long wait times. we pulled up and got the most ultra-prime of the 7 total spots (the other six were taken) in the lot and then got seated immediately. i am the most finicky temperature person and so dining al fresco is usually a no-go but (thanks to me) this was a perfect october morning so we got to enjoy our pancakes on the patio!

too bad he's not excited at all about spending the night with the grands

and then judah went home with my parents for the night so jesse and i could go out to dinner just the two of us. we went to the same place we ate at on our very first date and jesse's past 2 birthdays, agave. oh man, its so good. and i am on their mailing list so we got a coupon for entree's for $10 each. the cool thing is that since we're such fatty-fats, instead of getting salads and appetizers too, we just ordered 4 entree's between us. today i got the newest email and the coupon now says "limit one entree per person." our gluttonous eating habits are singlehandedly changing restaurant policy across the metro area. but we sure had an awesomely huge lunch yesterday of amazing leftovers. perfect!

we picked up judah from my parents yesterday afternoon (i gave myself the birthday gift of sleeping in, skipping church and sewing all morning...ahhhhh) and got to romp with him in the glory of the front yard. nothing beats being able to wear jeans in full sunlight and be 100% comfortable. perfect!

i was able to take the 33 week belly picture without getting busted as a creeper at the supermarket. perfect! she's pineapple-esque right now at over 4 lbs and 17 inches head to heel. she also feels about as knobbly and prickly as a pineapple when i am attempting to shove 4 entree's worth of food down into the space she now occupies.

judah went to bed at 7:15 last night and slept until 7:23 this morning. this is awesome. he had been getting super erratic on his sleep schedule and it was puzzling and terrorizing us. also, a warm, freshly rested, pj-clad toddler-man is pretty much....well, perfect!

and finally, the giveaway turned out perfect, because many more of you read about katie's story since i extended the deadline. so thrilled about that. and it was also perfect because the winner of the necklace, proceeds of which go to help the african orphans, goes to a mommy who is in the process of adopting an african orphan herself! congratulations, abby! (in case youre wondering about it, she was 7th because carter's mommy actually had 2 entries in her one comment and mikki left two comments, but only one for the giveaway...this is totally cool since she was writing to say she was the100th follower, yay!)

i was thrilled to be able to give my other necklace to anyone who took the time to be moved by katie's heart and the plight of the people she is serving. but its extra cool to know that some day soon, an orphan from that same continent will be teething on or twirling beads that were made in their homeland to help people like him/her as he/she sits on his/her american mama's hip and feels the very same love that compelled the necklace into existence. let the river flow.



  1. oh I am SO happy!! I never win anything! and I love judah in his pjs. I never want to take the girls out of theirs because they are so dang cute. thanks keight!

  2. I read all about Katie and was so moved, but didn't remember to enter the giveaway in time! Thanks for sharing about her Keight!

    The pic of Judah in his pajamas is one of the cutest pictures I've seen of him!

  3. thanks for the fall... i love that you take such ownership!! Happy birthday & anniversary!! and, why didn't you buy that pineapple? there is nothing better than fresh pineapple!

  4. Ummm... Donde estas? Did you have a baby or something?!