don't hate me

today is my birthday. the big (huge in my case) two-eight. the last of the even twenties. at 27 at could get away with claiming to be in my mid-twenties, but there's no denying that i'm in the late-twenties now. i'm off to buy some cold cream, aquanet and and all-white velcro sneakers to fit in with my age bracket.

so you now how i said i was good at raffles? and proved it by winning the DSLR camera a few months ago? well i won something else today...on my actual birthday! this amazing birdie necklace! i found this eye-candy blog, house of design, through another random internet jaunt and have been hooked ever since. it's sooooooo pretty: go there now. the day i found there happened to be a giveaway already going on for this awesome piece of jewelry the blog author had found. well it ended yesterday and i had quite the happy birthday surprise waiting in my email today.

is it too cool for someone in their late-twenties to wear? hope not

this is now by far the hippest thing i own; pushing my wal-mart shirtdress into second place

i am not a giveaway ho, i only enter ones of blogs that i actually enjoy and for prizes that i really get excited over. i lose most of the time. but i guess it was meant to be that this little fella decided to fly into my life today. happy bird-day to me! (i hate myself a little for that).

please don't forget to give me your present...entering the african necklace giveaway that ends monday. it will make you a better person and help out some really cute orphans...i promise!

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