wild kingdom

this little scene played out a few weeks ago at our house like something from national geographic:

the predator in his natural habitat, wearing the guise of a harmless waterbug. do not be fooled, for inside stalks a beast of incalculable ferocity

another side of this specimen begins to surface once his vicious teeth are engaged; bringing to the forefront the ravenous and unstoppable hunter within

as his teeth lock against the unyielding stump, he knows it won't be enough to satisfy his greedy maw, and a wild, carnivorous gleam enters his eye. just like that, the hunt is afoot

despite the late hour, this is no time for him to return to his lair for a night of rest. tonight, he is on the prowl until his bloodlust can be sated.

he spots a likely target lounging unsuspecting by the lagoon

he begins his ascent to his preying perch, creeping silently, stealthily (yet somehow modestly and without exposing his weak spots)

as he summits, the tiny predator emits a primal scream to startle and freeze his quarry

brandishing a weapon, he readies himself to pounce, baring his ready jaws

he flies through the air, executing a perfectly-aimed neck-chop as his terrified victim cowers and recoils in fear... but it is too late, for the attack is underway

alas, the little hunter has sorely miscalculated and, despite his ferocious and brave assault, his larger, stronger prey has snatched control of the situation, as well as the upper hand, from his tiny spatula-ed grasp.

luckily his would-be victim is a loving and merciful primate who does not punish the young cub for his impulsive and foolhardy attack. cuddles are exchanged and elmo is watched.

night falls on the lagoon

the tiny predator returns to his normal, harmless plumage and demeanor once more

but inside the hunter rests and waits...


  1. Too cute!! I love those little naked butts and the thigh rolls right under them...I think Judah and Maddie have the same bath toys! haha

  2. Come on Keight, my guess is Nov. 1 for the poll! Start pushin!

  3. Keight, you are so creative! Who would think to put together those pictures and captions? Only you. You have a real gift. Love, love, love you!