honey, DONT!

oh, and before i get too behind on these (as i'm a bit too behind in another way, wocka wocka) here's the belly pic for 35 weeks. honeydew melon. 18 inches and 5.25 lbs. the fact that this is what is going on inside of me is just beyond belief. i still don't feel that pregnant at all.

any of you other former or current humanufacturers out there ever dealt with crippling round ligament pain this late in pregnancy? shortly after the pelvic pain kicked in, i start having sharp as a needle stabbing pains in what feels like my left ovary. i actually had these a bunch earlier in both pregnancies when i was just developing a bump. they happen when the growing uterus stretches the ligaments that surround it. it feels like getting impaled with a rusty fishing pole and comes out of nowhere and then goes away just as suddenly a few seconds later. funtimes.

they were a lot easier to deal with in the beginning when i still had my agility and balance. now, if a twinge strikes, i am too big and awkward shaped to move to a better position for relief quickly and i usually just end up doubled over, paralyzed and whimpering. the extra bad part is that she can actually cause these. if she moves a certain way, it feels like she is stomping down on the ligament itself. it is truly crippling, there is no movement, thought or clarity that can occur until the attack passes.

they hurt like crazy and are so unexpected that it really isn't fun, but the truly scary part is wondering if these can continue during labor. because if i have to battle sharp, distinct, needle-stabs along with all-over, waxing and waning, baby-producing contractions, i am just really afraid i won't be able to do it. the relaxation stuff that i use to get me through contractions i seriously could not pull off while the round ligament stuff is going on.

irony: the pregnancy websites all say that this pain is often brought on by exercise. hahahaha

so anyone else deal with this? did you have it during labor? is there any relief for it now or later? this little lady is living up to her gender in the high maintenance department. she better be cute.


  1. Yup-had this with Eli, and then even worse with Isaac (although I think it was worse with him because I played soccer until 28 weeks). The good news is, it was NOT an issue during labor with either of the boys. So I will keep my fingers crossed that you have the same experience too. And you WILL get through it all again, because you are an amazing woman who delivers with strength and grace. Can't wait to witness it again!

  2. I'm 33 wks with a girl and I definitely still get these. If I stand up too quick or even sometimes while I'm just laying around I'll get them. They HURT.