roll(s) out!

i got the custom order from the bride i talked about before for 9 of my jewelry rolls last monday. i started making them on tuesday. i shipped everything off on saturday. shwew. she needed them by november 14th and i was panicking a bit just because who knows when this baby is coming (do you? well feel free to share, here). but i got an extra boost of productivity from my nesting hormones and churned these suckers out in only 2.5 nights of work. take that, tiny baby, i am faster than you!

i thought it was such a cool idea for bridesmaids gifts, she was giving each girl one of these travel jewelry rolls as a unique two in one gift because each one is going to hold the bridesmaid jewelry she is getting them to wear in the wedding. the bride was super laid back, just like i was while planning my wedding (somewhere north of atlanta my mom just spewed coffee all over her monitor), and just made a few fabric choices and let me do the rest. i didn't have lots of yardage of any one fabric to make them all the same so we were going to just have 3 or 4 fabrics and some would be repeats. but when i started picking them i was really wanting to have a different color and pattern for each girl rather than any repeats, and we managed to do that on both the ribbon accents and the main fabrics.

in love with this little brood. the pimp camera did a great job capturing the colors. i just want to eat them!

now please enjoy about 9 other views of this collection because i am so happy to have our camera working and was really obsessed with stacking these in different formations and taking pictures of their little details. you're WELCOME!

each one has its own little grosgrain bow color. presh to the max

lined up to march out my door

the backsides of them all folded up

and the top sides

and the side sides. hahaha this is getting ridiculous

while i love all of my creations equally, i did have some favorite details on a couple that really tugged at my crafty heartstrings.

the fabric for this purple one came from a clearance pillow sham from target. it has these cool painted-effect birds in different sizes all over and i made it so that the really big birdie was on the back of the main piece. it just looks like a pretty, abstract design when its folded up but when it's open, you can see what it is.

and then smaller feathered friends inside. i love that it looks like they are flying out of the bag. it was actually really hard for me to part with this fabric.

i have always loved purple and gray together and the ribbon, zipper and lining of the pockets are all slightly different shades of gray. (let's pause and marvel at the fact that my wedding rings still fit. i was getting green finger stains from a claire's stand-in ring by this point in pregnancy with judah)

another fave was this fabric that got the nod late in the game when i ran out of another one she had selected. i love how plain and crisp that black and white pattern is and how the little pops of kelly green and teal ribbon spice it up.

i got the sections on either side of the zipper to match up perfectly, but it wouldn't work with all three lower pieces. that would have been clutch (get it? clutch?)

partially lined with more kelly green

and after i said my tearful goodbyes, i boxed them up and made the packaging as cute as i can (which isn't very)

in case you were wondering, the ribbon on the inside of the roll is for threading through your rings or sticking earrings through. the whole thing is padded and soft so that any fragile jewelry doesn't get crunched. i always say i want to make like 10 of these for myself and then just use each one as a little clutch purse, but i'm always too lazy.

the end.


  1. Great job on the photography! Looks so professional! The bags are totally amazing! Makes me want to give gifts all over! Maybe I can think of some people I need Christmas gifts for! See you tonight!

  2. These are beautiful! WIsh I owned more jewelry so I could justify buying one. But I"m really not a jewelry person. ;-)

  3. Btw, this is a great graduation present for someone... as are the keyfobs!

  4. ladybroom@gmail.com10/25/10, 2:03 PM

    Ok, so how do I go about buying one of these? And do you have any more of that purple fabric?

    Kimberly Broom

  5. hardcore impressed. seriously.

  6. Loving these more and more! Great color combos. Next stop project runway!

  7. Keight, those are awesome! I can't wait to have a sewing machine and make awesome projects like that. I'll need you to teach me your ways, though. :) Really cute gifts. xx

  8. i really want that blue one that is on the top of the pile in the first pic. i LOVE it. i hope the fabric is still around when i finally have the money to buy one. and a key fab, for that matter. anyway, i continue to be amazed by your sewing skillz. and to think...i knew you when...you've come such a long way and in such a short time. i so wish we lived nearby so i could come over and we could craft together.
    i still owe you an email. luke and i got sick over the weekend and i worked (i'll explain), so i have been practically dead. i'll work on it tonight, though. hugs!

  9. LOVE these!!! What are you using for the background in the photos? They look great!