totally camp

i got a facebook notification that the director of my old summer camp had tagged a photo of me. i went to this camp for about 3 weeks every summer from 3rd through 8th grade and was OBSESSED with it. i would bawl when my parents would come pick me up and beg to stay another week. but, as is my M.O., i didn't really keep in touch, so i was thinking that this notification was probably spam or something since it was unlikely he had actually run across a picture of me lately.

how wrong i was:

the best part is that my coworker just told me: "you still look just like that!"

i have no idea what is going on here with the red paint, or the leg and i don't remember owning green socks ever. i do know that the t-shirt is my dad's old #6 little league jersey from his childhood. and i know that those shoes were my first ever nikes that i HAD to have because my BFF amy wore nikes too (though hers were pink and purple...yuck!). it's good to see that i was cleaning the rib meat off the bones of lesser mammals at that age too. and that's pretty much how i sit at the dinner table today.


  1. hahaha!! I remember you being in love with Ryan Dimbo when I went to high harbor with you. And get ready for a whole bunch of pink and purple in your life...

  2. Kate- I just came across your blog and laughed so hard when I saw this picture. I think that was Christmas in July week, and you were an elf. Oh, camp memories. Loving it! And your family is too cute for words. Hope all is well. Your old camp friend, Jessica Hansel