jump in the pool!

we hit 36 weeks on saturday, that means she is coming soon. could literally be any day now. i knew i wanted to do some kind of guess the date/weight/time baby game (and then seeing my blog buddy brei doing her guessing game reminded me). but i wasn't sure how to go about keeping track of guesses, so i figured the interweb would know what to do.

well, miracle of modern technology, i found this website that manages a baby pool for me. anyone can go here and enter their guess. the farther you are off by hours, inches and ounces the more penalty points you get. the object is to be the person with the fewest points total once layla's stats are made known.

this may become a giveaway, but since we wont know the final results until i have a newborn on my hands (boobs), who knows how busy i will be and if i'll be able to get around to mailing or making something. play for pride.


-judah was born exactly one week early at 39 weeks
-judah weighed 7 lbs 5 ounces even though the doctors thought he'd be 8-9 lbs
-judah was 19 1/4 inches long
-my doctor has said she thought this baby would be smaller because it's a girl
-i think she is going to come early...just my mommy hunch (but i thought judah would be 2 weeks late too)
-i am not doing anything crazy to naturally induce myself, and will not allow doctors to induce me unless one of us is in seriously peril (i am not a fan of pitocin if you recall)
-i will be walking a lot and am taking evening primrose oil to "ripen" the cervix to make everything hopefully go much faster once labor starts (ain't nobody likes an unripe cervix, y'all)

so click this link or the icon in the top right of the sidebar to enter your guess (i drew a map for what you should do after clicking the link, in case you're confused...mom).
anyone can play, and please don't sit out just because you don't know us in real life, i promise i won't think you're creepy. i have guessed on other moms' blogs that i have never met and so far i haven't had any restraining orders issued against me.

i am gonna cut off the guessing at some point between 37 and 38 weeks so people who guess early can't go back and change theirs as the window narrows, because i know all my friends (and me) are untrustworthy cheaterpantses. so hurry up and play.

happy guessing!


  1. Have you tried the chocolate flavored epo? I got some at whole foods and drank (allbeit nasty) chocolate milk in the final weeks.

  2. I need to take a look at said baby in order to make my educated guess. Is it creepy to ask for an updated picture? See I do all of my baby guessin' by the mama's face and belly position. Got a good recent picture? Like today? Or am I going to have to hunt you down?