the molarity of a judah bug

the first question on my list for the doctor at judah's 18 month old checkup was going to be about his teeth. the turd burglar got his first 6 chompers pretty early and all back-to-back, with the bottom two and top four in by 10 months. couple that with some inexplicable cranktastic behavior and tons of drool over the summer and we were sure that another 6 were on their way in.

just 6 teeth, right?

well they never came. i thought it might be worth asking the doc if he didn't get any more teeth in what would have been 8 months time. i mean sometimes a kid judah's age will open his mouth and there will be so many teeth that i can't believe it's not just a mess of white tic tacs up in there. but then again, judah has goes off the beaten path as far as which teeth should come in what order.

so jesse was tickling him in his lap on wednesday and all of a sudden goes, "holy crap, he has molars!" sneaky guy! i thought for sure he'd have to get the other two bottom middle teeth before the molars made their way in. we scared the desitin out of him by getting so excited and up in his face and he immediately clammed up, so the proof pics had to wait until this morning's tickle bonanza.

see those guys in the back top on each side?

despite being barely visible in the pic, they aren't just barely peekin', they are IN. this explains a lot about what he is able to eat. we will shove rock hard croutons or old pizza crust in his mouth and think "he'll never be able to eat that with just his gums and those front 6, we're gonna have to fish that out of there in a little bit", and then he takes them down, no sweat. well, maybe he was having help from the back row all along.

hahaha what a spazz.

so is there really no "real" order of which teeth come in when? i though bottoms before tops and middle before backs. this is quite the strange assortment he's collecting.

and in case you were too lazy to click the link above, i just have to make sure everyone sees what i was referring to. at 10 months, just before the top mids busted through:



  1. too funny! he is not alone...annabelle has the exact same teeth right now, just with one more on the bottom front just to make things even more random and uneven.

    also - i meant to comment on the recovering of the carseat. incredible! i am in awe! my sewing has been limited to curtains and things with patterns...so impressed!!

  2. He is so cute! MG cut her first molar a several months ago. She is currently cutting 3 molars and two more bottom teeth right now, and boy is she cranky! I'm not sure if there is an order, but it just shouldn't be right to be able to cut 5 all at one time.

  3. I'm not sure there is a "correct order". My kids didn't get teeth until almost a year, then would cut two at a time. And their teeth have always been late. Ainsley got her six year molars at 7.5 yrs old. However, Ainsley's are falling out in the order they came in.

    Judah's perfectly adorable with the teeth his has-no matter what order they show up in. ;-)