i'm just here for the bug

here's a little gift basket of random photos for all of you judah fans out there who would rather see him than read me. (see also: lazy keight avoids writing: day two).

i have tried to get him to use sidewalk chalk about 4 times and he couldn't have been less interested. well, look how jesse got him excited about it. i knew the barely 2 months-old car was missing something. now it's perfect.

try to put him in his carseat and you have offended him deeply, but this one he mourns over whenever we make him get out. i see trouble down the road. please don't let him sit on her while she's in here.

this one's for the ladies

you tell that lamp who's boss

you can just see genius written all over his face here.


  1. omg. judah looks so big in some of these photos, especially the genius one. he and luke must be having a contest to see who can make their mom cry by getting way too big way too fast. at least you have another one on the way to distract you and take up all your time and make you feel like time is slithering by on its stomach ever....so...slowly and when is this kid gonna sleep thru the night already! sorry. just had a relapse back to those first few months....i'm sure it'll be so much easier the 2nd time around. ummm. yeah. i'm SURE. ha! anyway, i'm working on my reply to your email, so no worries! i WILL write back. one of these crazy days....

  2. LOVE the "wellies" ... Benj is obsessed with his!! Love all the pics. 8 weeks til we are hanging out again... I hope to pick up the Bug whilst you are sleeping in a bed with Layla!! xoxoxoxo