your to-do list.

bleck. hate to make a bossy businessy post like this, but not enough to NOT do it. here are some things i need y'all to do and know. please get going on these with a quickness.

1. there is a new blog page. right up yonder-------------------^ called "custom orders." it's the details on ordering anything i could think of off the top of my head that i would be willing to make for anyone who was interested. check it out, and if there's something you want that isn't there, just ask me.

2. so with that in mind, a few of y'all have mentioned wanting some keychains or other crafty goodness for christmas presents. i mean, not like presents that say "to: you, from: k8" on the tag, but presents for y'all to order and give to your very own beloveds.

with that, and a thinning crevix*, in mind i am going to try to prod you into action by setting a deadline for christmas orders to be made by december 5th. please please please if you want gifts and already know about them now, don't wait until then to tell me, go ahead and get them in now, and be all fancy and done with some shopping. then you can avoid the savage retail hoard out there on december 23rd whose shrieking, disgruntled, merchandise-crazed existence makes you want to drop-kick them to farking bethlehem. that's a pretty picture.

also, because you don't want your gifts to have to be made by him because everyone waited until the 4th and i have a million orders to fill but i can't reach my pressor foot due to the newborn latched to my boobs so i have to use child labor instead:

"back to work! you can trade your clothespin wages for 3 grapes when you finish those 16 keyfobs!" seriously, but whenever he goes missing and quiet in the house, this is where i find him. usually playing with the pincushion, which he calls "ouch," yet continues to love and manhandle.

*i realize that i misspelled "cervix" above. it was a honest typo i made the other night on the facey boo-boo (aka facebook. forgive me i hang around with a toddler), and i decided it sounded way more apropos than the correct version, and gave just the right imagery that i am going for when i tell you all about mine. onward CREVIX!

3. there are about 20 new fabrics (went on an amy butler binge) available for any project you want. as always, you can check them out in my flickr. they are listed in sets of how much yardage i have on hand (keyfobs vs. bigger projects). and of course for a custom order i can use/order/go find any fabric you want if you don't see exactly what you're looking for.

4. these are the last few days to enter the baby pool because i will probably lock it up sometime next week or, you know, push a baby out of my vagoo to signal to y'all that the contest is closed. so...heads up for those signs. i am so stoked to see how this mother turns out and who wins. even if you're super lurky, if you have even the slightest desire to enter a guess, go for it! this is a perfect nonthreatening gateway to becoming a reformed lurker. hooray participation!

thanks for reading


  1. I bet you could still sew with one child on the booby. You strike me as someone who could handle that.

  2. "Crevix" sounds like "crevice," which is kinda gross, but maybe it's also more descriptive. Judah is so cute, and I know you'll be thrilled to have a little girl in the next few weeks!