we have had the chance recently to do some fun things and hang out with some favorite peeps, and strangely enough, we remembered to take pictures. dont believe me? well i can prove it.

this is my supercool 94 year old grandpa, fred. doesnt he look amazing for 94?! he is sharp as a tack and i adore him. he took us out to bugaboo creek a few sundays back. love it! judah will be his 4th great-grandchild!

(28 weeks 6 days here...that is not all belly btw, that shirt is still huge on me and bags out in front. soon though, i will fill that sucker up!)

we also went over to the del angels for dinner a while back. tiff and jorge are some semi-new and fully-favorite couple friends (we pretty much had a couples-crush on them until they agreed to be regular double-daters with us last summer) they are the couple that kicked off the baby trend. seriously, they were the very first pregnant friends of ours, and now there are like 20 couples! what trendsetters. hopefully we will follow their example of freaking adorable kids too. this is madison rylee (born 1/27). when i was holding her, judah tried to flirt and was kicking madison in the belly. you might want to hold that thought, judah, i think she can take you right now! she is beyond cute and also the most expressive newborn ever. love her!

madison rylee del angel

we are self-centered jerks and just took their daughter for a pic and didnt even get one with the wonderful parents. i am sure i am going to love it when people start ignoring me and just paying attention to my baby! sorry, guys!

(28 weeks 3 days and no recent shower for k8 here)

this has nothing to do with the baby (i mean besides the fac that its the baby-daddy), it was just a rocking outfit that jesse wore to feed/play with our monster dogs. i call this look "summer-santa-chic" classic! judah will be able to take out all of his rough and tumble boyness on chopper and clifford one day since they are the gentlest of giants. i might fashion a saddle so judah can ride clifford into town for groceries and such.

walk it, red

clifford is undefeated in "tug;" you CANNOT get the stick from him. the carnage in the background is from us putting an old set of wooden drawers back in the pile for the firepit. the dogs mulchified that sucker down to sawdust in about 2 days and scattered the remains about the yard as a warning to other tresspassing furniture.

cliffy-1; daddy-0

I found this amazing site (wordle.net) on a friend's blog that you can go to and put in a blog address or just a random bunch of text and it takes it and makes a cool art thing based on the frequency of use of each word. you can play with fonts and orientations and everything. here is one i made for judah:

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  1. K8==this is so amazing!!! I love it--what an awesome sight, and the words you put in are fabulous, just like you!