sleep REtraining: night 2

i must confess. i lost some of my hardcore resolve yesterday. when i picked judah up from preschool at 2pm his daily report said "my day was....lazy." meaning that he was sleepy all day with the teachers. he wouldnt look at me at all when jesse gave him to me and was just kind of a sluggy-bug. then he was totally lethargic and cranky and not laughy or energetic for his playdate with BFF benjamin braden.
no too bad here. judah is in his karate defense pose in case benj gets frisky
OH! and the unprovoked attack. benj was trying to kiss judah and judah threw up a schlod-block. benj bites his hand to hold back the emotion. i'd say judah's onesie lies; at most 25% fun at this point. sorry BFF, i promise i love you!

by the time we got home from there, it was almost time to start his bedtime routine all over again. unfortunately i had to do it single-mom style since wednesday nights, jesse is at the church for youth group until 9 pm. (wow, i have a whole new respect for the moms and dads who do it alone. you are rockstars).

it started off kind of whack because you're supposed to give him a bath first, dress him and the feed him last of all before sleepy town, but the day's meal schedule didn't line up that way and he was starving by 6:30. so i decided to go ahead and swap the meal and the bath. so meal at 6:30, bath at 7:00, then i let him eat a little bit more after that while we laid down in bed and snuggled to get him nice and full and tired (although it really wasn't hard). i was freaking out because night #1 was 8:30-6am and he cried so hard, and, due to the feeding schedule night #2 was going to be even longer, 7:30-6am. i was really worried for the little guy and tired and frazzled myself from waking up constantly night #1 to worry about him. but i just told myself that it would be way more unfair to him to stop on night #2 because that would have put him through #1 for nothing.
"you're going to do it to me again tonight, aren't you?"

anyway, i sucked it up and put the little nugget down right at 7:30, closed the door and told myself, "ok, that's it, that door isn't touched until 6 am, at least," which was weird because it was still light outside and i had just gotten home, so it felt like putting him to bed at 4 pm. jesse came home at 9 and i told him that i really needed him to be extra strong for me because i just felt some flimsy-will coming on. i went to bed at 10 with judah still not having made a peep. at 4 am i woke up, removed my earplugs, heard silence, and somehow managed to refrain from waking jesse and asking him what had happened between 10pm-4am, and went back to sleep no problem.
well, this morning at 6, our alarms were what woke us up...not judah! we decided to let him go as long as he wanted because, ideally 6:30 wake up will be perfect for our schedules.

i grilled jesse about what he heard in the night without any earplugs in. he said between 12 and 1 that the bug was up and fussing and crying a little bit, but nothing bloodcurdling. only up once!well at 6:06 he had had enough i guess and began stirring. we were more than happy to go retrieve him and snuggle him to pieces. he ate very fully and tried to fall back asleep at the end of his meal, but we woke him and kept playing in a blissful stupor of disbelief and joy.

LOVE his smack-talking, GT onesie. this rookie isn't wrecking us no mo'! stay in that crib, punk. and like it!

words cannot express my amazement at the adaptability of our little guy. i would say "of babies," but i know every baby is different blabbity, blah. however, if you read the testimonials on their website and the reviews on amazon, the moms on call method seems to work for the vast majority of people. i am this close to declaring that it worked wonders for us! jesse and i both felt AMAZING this morning. i would have never thought as a lazy, sleepy newlywed/pregnant lady, that sleeping from 10pm-6am would be the highlight of my week, but MAN!

okay, so naturally, i am a bet-hedger, and have to find ways to not get TOO excited about this yet. part of me is worried that he only did so well on night #2 because night #1 was so rough and he was extra sleepy. since he did so well last night, will night #3 flip back to awful?

.only time will tell. for now i am just rejoicing about how great and rested i feel and how proud i am of our little bug, and of us, to be honest.


  1. Yipeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is your "supply" today? Still better?

  2. Love, love, LOVE Moms on Call!

  3. Best advice ever - thanks for sharing it! we have done two nights now and they have gone great! i agree with you - "supply" and mood both much improved!