i have been meaning to post about two fun weekends-past, but was too lazy. luckily my laziness paid off and two other moms posted for me! so click each pic below to find out more about who judah has been hanging out with lately. thanks merran and tiff for being better bloggers than me!
first was two weekends ago when we met up with the tatum's at atlantic station. luke was born on 4/29 (of this year, in case there was confusion) and judah on 5/25 so they are almost exactly 4 weeks apart. that said, they are almost 10 lbs apart too. luke is SOLID. i was a little intimidated by this man baby who is in the 99th percentile of both height and weight, but luke has the sweetest and happiest disposition of any baby i've ever seen. you just have to smile at him and he starts laughing. such a sweetie.
his mommy merran played volleyball at GT too and would have been a senior my freshman year, but injured her shoulder and had to stop playing (ahem, definitely not because of a certain smellton). we missed out on that bond (ha, gtvb pun) but made up for it years later at CCF. merran and her husband phil were missionary team members in Chile when jesse did his student exchange there in 2003 and we've gotten to know them at retreats and other ccf events since then. love them! too bad they now live in indianapolis because phil works as a recruiter for their missionary organization, CMF. fun facts: phil is from duluth just like me and enjoys playing paper games on his state of the art cell phone and merran is 6 feet tall (jealous!) and gave natural childbirth to her 9 pound tatum tot.

both in overalls that day AND both sets of parents forgot strollers. friendestiny! i have no idea what i was going for here. looks like i wanted the bug to tickle the tot's chinnie chin chin. creepy weird.

yay, the first weekend in october we travelled to our friends becky and josh's wedding in gorgeous weaver, NC. it was great seeing so many second generation CCF babies, as it seemed like almost every couple who has sprung off in the past few months was their with the babes! of course judah spent the most time with his original GF madison del angel. and their love was even sealed with eerily IDENTICAL mosquito mites on their right cheeks. exact placement, diameter and height of the bites. PLUS matching outfits that were not planned.

this is funny because madison was CLONE of her mexi-daddy jorge at birth but here she looks EXACTLY like tiff. either way, she's one adorable babe. great pic of the del angel ladies...and then here i am playing ape-mama during the photo while judahs jowls succumb to the earth's gravitational pull.

no link on this next pic from the wedding reception, its just bonus because he looks so cute and thuggy in his hoodie and sneakers (and i look so charming). i was really proud of myself for changing him from the pjs he's wearing here to this overall/oxford shirt outfit below AND his diaper while he was strapped into his carseat on the way to the wedding. this feat is my motherhood dissertation so far, since he didnt even cry once or get any excrement on him or the seat. i try to put overalls on him now on his changing table and its so freaking hard, i have no clue how i did it that day.

thanks also to judah for blocking a potential up the dress shot. i get a little reckless when i wear tights.

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