i am waiting to get a few more photos from a friend for today's intended post, so in it's place here's some recent cuteness that i cant really fit into blog posts of their own.
first time in a real high chair. but the second time, we got cocky and didnt watch him carefully enough and he slammed his head on the table...oops maybe we pushed that milestone too soon

toes, succulent toes. he had been stretching to eat these for weeks and finally caught up to his prey

LOVES his office. thanks great aunt marilyn!

busy in his office in his camo onesie and ice-fishing hat

mr. busy hands in effect big time. (i thought that was a doggie attached by his green tail with a curious brown anus puff, but jesse assures me its just a bunny with a brown tail attached by a green strap)

loving nakie bath time. washcloth censored (and thats just a fold in the rag there. he's not built like a pencil downtown, you pervs)

happy halloween, fuzzball

he sits up by himself. by hand is there for the inevitable lean/fall, but he can go for about 20 seconds without a topple

sorry for a lack of wit or creativity on my part, but i could do posts like this every day! i cant even stand his cuteness and i love him so so so so much. ok, mushiness complete.


  1. Keight,

    Judah is adorable. so so so cute.

  2. Lack of wit or creativity? Those picture captions are hilarious! We laughed and laughed. Kristy