hold the bacon


i dont know why, but this is like the funniest thing in the world to me and jesse. so on the blog with it.

the morning of my bday (last friday) i had taken off of work and jesse made us breakfast before he left: turkey bacon and scrambled eggs. judah was in his bouncy seat in the kitchen (far from the bacon splatter zone) while jesse cooked. jesse brought me my plate and then went back for his, and for judah. rather than making 2 trips, he decided to let judah help and put his breakfast plate in the bug's lap. the idea of a plate of human food in judah's lap is funny enough to me, but he went above and beyond

this is what i saw when they came in. i started yelling, "his arm is in the eggs, don't move it! let me get the camera, don't let him let go of the bacon!" something i never thought i would yell about my 4 month old baby.

forearm ALL up in the eggs and looking sooooo sleepy

looking paranoid that his squirrel friend might try to steal his bacon.

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