NieNie on Oprah today

i haven't seen an episode of Oprah in years, though i like her lots, i'm not a superfan or anything. well i WILL be tivo'ing today's episode because my favorite blogger Stephanie Nielson is going to be on. this episode is about when your life changes in an instant, and she will be talking about the horrible plane crash that she and her hubs were in last summer.

being a fan of different bloggers and making friends through blogs is an awesome way to make a sort of community. you feel like you know these people so well, but you have never even spoken to them live much less seen them live in person. i am very excited to see this amazing woman speak about something that tore her world apart, but didn't stop it turning. she really is inspiring to me just in the words she writes and pictures she creates so i'm sure hearing her speak with her own voice and watch her open up on camera will be that much more inspiring to me and tons of others.

give it a watch if you have time and tell me what you thought. the other interviews on the show look very moving as well. that's my plug.

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  1. How did it go on Oprah? I wasnt able to see it over here.