another bday meal: duluth edition

i feel like i have been talking about my birthday dinners for about a month now. anyway this is probably the last one. we went up to my parents house last weekend so my mom could cook me a belated birthday meal. their wiener dog, Guinness (aka serial humper of my teddy bear), had back surgery right before my birthday so i was denied an out to eat celebration so that his medical bills could be paid. luckily my mom is a stupid good cook. we had a blast relaxing watching football, vigorously hiking with my dad (a biker wiped out right in front of us...hilarious!), and chowing down on my mom's organic bonanza. and of course judah loved his time with his north-bound grandparents.

g-ma feeding the bug. she picked it up like it hadn't been 23 years since she last did it.

my dad really gets in to the character

judah in his new hat that cost more money than most of my clothes (more than my clothes in this pic for SURE). i am not allowed back in baby gap unsupervised

the spread. lamb chops (my mom NAILED the cooking of this perennial top chef pitfall protein), SEEDuction rolls, wild rice, spinach, asparagus. SOOOOOO good

blowing out the wooden centerpiece for my bday. candle and dump cake dont mix and thats what was for dessert.

pantsless ice fisherman

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