happy hunting

i was in favorite blog stalker lena's wedding to mr. elliot hunt 2 months and one day ago. i painted (all of) my toenails red that day. look how far their marriage has come.

i took this last night, 10/22, so these are actual 2 month anniversary toenails-- to the day

happy first 2 months! and here's to many, many, more months and years together to come, symbolically marked by inches and yards of my toenails growing out and being neglected.

p.s. marisa, i wish you were here so i could put these feet on your face and you could get super freaked out because of your podaphobia. *jazz hands* monorail!


  1. hahaha mine are still red too. I'm ashamed.

  2. And I still hate feet. Do something about those girl!