pull in case of perspective

are you feeling stressed out or run down by the demands of your little one(s)? do you tend to forget that it is a treasured and miraculous gift to get to be a parent and start to feel that it's more of a burden? do you ever forget that these kids aren't ours, but that they belong to someone who loves them more than we do? i am a big fat all of the above times 1,000.

do you have 10 minutes to make that vanish?

1. read this
2. and then this
3. grab some kleenex (if you haven't already)
4. read and watch and listen to this
5. sprint immediately to your nearest crappy diaper, screaming infant, whiny toddler, snarky tween, or cranky teenager and praise jesus for every single second that we get to be apart of these stories.

i have explored more on this blog and it is awesome and beautiful and inspiring and tragic. i pray that no one ever has to go through anything remotely like what angie has, but that if i or they ever have to that we can hold onto jesus like she and her family have and just bring it to him.

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