marriage a trois

(you're supposed to pronounce that title in a french accent so it sounds like something else).

today, TODAY, TODAY is jesse and my 3rd anniversary. for some reason, 3 feels like a really big number. i mean one is fun, but its just one, and two is plural, which is new, but 3, man, 3 is like we are getting into "several," "handful," and dare i say, "many," territory.
aside from the novelty of "such" a big number, 3 is fun because there are 3 of us now in the family (please do NOT expect us to keep this pattern up). but three is encouraging as well because its like, if i can do something for three years straight and not give up, then i can do it forever! it already seems like forever ago.

this date in history: 10.1.2006. spent in lovely norcross and atlanta, ga.

keep an eye on that top tier

i wrote last week about how our marriage has recently been getting the snot kicked out of it. well, of course, things arent magically better and wonderful and blisstastic and we dont have rainbows shooting out of our butts quite yet (stay tuned). but there has been some growth, some letting go, some cool moments and conversations and times of prayer (which had become shockingly RARE...hmm, connection?) that point towards the waning of this difficult season just as we were able to move beyond of the storms of our first year.

10.1.2007. top of the cake survived year 1! so did we...barely.
first anniversary smooch at the beach in seabrook, sc. we swapped colors from 2006
this time last year, we were headed to the airport for a delightful palm springs, CA vacation for our anniversary/my bday/celebrating being pregnant. it seems impossible that that was only a year ago because we've jammed so much freaking love and life (literally, on this one) into the last 365 days. last year's trip was truly a celebration as our second year was so healthy and communicative since we were able to build upon the lessons we painstakingly wrenched out of year one.
10.1.2008. 5 weeks pregnant, violently morning sick, jet lagged, sleep deprived AND coming down with a cold, but jesse made it amazing

we reached the top of THIS climb and got to enjoy the view for a few moments. still climbing the next one.

listen to me keight, push the bread basket away from you and RUN in the other direction. you have no idea the damage that is going to do.

so this anniversary couldn't come at a better time (as if it could anyway; its on the same date every year). we are hopefully getting the bug on a great new sleeping schedule which will keep us better rested physically which is so so so directly proportionate to MY emotional fuel tank and grace-giving reserves. and of course there is extra lots to celebrate this year because since last anniversary we have survived a pregnancy together, given natural childbirth together, and raised/nourished/loved a wee little 7lb 5 oz peanut-stranger, up to a happy, chunky 15 lb little baby boy who does all sorts of crazy stuff and fills our lives to bursting.
i cant wait for years 4-infinity because i get to do them with the man that god specifically created to be my husband. if that wasn't reassuring enough, i happen to love him buckets and buckets and think is the most amazingly wonderful man on the planet.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Keight! Our our 3 year anniversary (to the exact hour), Parker will be EXACTLY 1 year old :)