smiley cyrus

the squeaky wheel gets the oil it would seem. my dad, that villain, called me to complain that there arent enough smiling pictures of judah posted and too many excrement ones (as if there can ever be too many of those when a baby is concerned). so prepare to be cheered up because here comes smileapolooza.

restrained in style in his polo and swaddler, but loving it all the same (2 mos 1 week)

theres nothing funny about global warming (2 1/2 mos)

sleeping in with mommy on a sunday morning after daddy leaves for work (2 mos 3 wks)

loving his first time in brown...duckies! (3 mos)

really happy that lukas and dan are moving back to chile i guess (i mean they dont even follow him so...) *update* the fortunatos are judahs favorite people on earth and he smiles just like that when we even mention their names...which is FREQUENTLY afueratras.

laughing at daddy (3 mos 1 wk)

chilling out on moby dink

throwing down a peace sign and super excited about it (3 mos 2 wks)

lil tongue peekin!

best candid smile we've ever caught on camera...i'll tell you where this was soon

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