we tried!

a month ago we read this post from one of our favorite bloggers about the glory of cloth diapering. being the consummate consumer (hahaha, unintended root word sharing) that i am, i did some research, spurred by his glowing review, and bought a few fuzzibunz for judah. unfortunately we had to return them before even trying them out because we couldnt afford the upfront startup costs of getting a full collection going. well i just read on today's post that they are doing a giveaway for a whole free set. figured i'd try, and part of the entry requirements is linking to fuzzibunz.com...so here i am. forgive me if you feel used. if you are more offended by the lame wordplay than the blatant advertising, i cant help you there.

here is a picture of judah in a regular diaper at his one month checkup back in june to make you feel less like a pawn in this high stakes game of internet raffle.wouldnt he look even cuter in this:one bunz

your support helps keep tragedies like this from unfolding (literally in the case of cloths..get it, folding?) in jesse's lap. judah was wearing a "nicer" brand of disposable when this happened.

it was extra funny because when i went to change the diaper, it was almost completely clean, so it pretty much just served as a poop conduit rather than poop catcher that day. this is not even an above average dump for our little guy, so it should not have been to much of a duty (hahah doodie...i am on a roll!) for the pampers to handle.


  1. I love the contest and the concept--and love the way you go after information--it's awesome! (Did I send you the neurosurgeon info on vaccines?)

    Anyway, I hit the link to fuzzibunz and it didn't come up--came up "not found" so I didn't want you to miss out on winning because a link didn't work.

    Love you--so much fun with Judah, and you guys the last few days...AWESOME! So glad you're all in the family!

  2. I just read the whole post on pacing the panic room and wanted you to enter, you are way ahead of me! I hope you win!!! Good luck!

  3. Have you considered G-diapers? They are another brand of cloth diapers. And the start up isn't so bad, all you need is at least two cloth diapers, and the cloth inserts (purchases at any store). The Winter's are big fans of these.