mr. facey pants

some ridiculously cute moments of judah-bugness that have been going on lately
the 3-ring circus of trying to cut judah's toenails. daddy (floating stubble cheek) entertains while i zero in on the offending talons with my headlamp (not pictured). as you can see judah is having 100% fun.

yes, we have started solids. its hilarious and there is a video. i will say that judah literally shudders at every touch of the spoon, but adores nursing the carrots directly off of his bib. i think he thinks i have started producing a new recipe of milk.

two days after his 4-month bday, just hanging out after church with his popped collar that can barely contain his mighty jowls. little prepster is rocking a ralph lauren polo uni-suit (think a onesie with legs built in) from his g-ma vincent. look at that bullfrog belly.
we discovered a new foolproof way of making judah laugh. jesse tries to get in judah's neck space and give him kisses. the everpresent stubble that jesse grows at alarming rates drives judah nuts. he does a half-grunt/growl half-laugh that says, "dad, you're killing me here, but its kind of fun too."

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