my big boy

judah is growing into quite the little man. he is 3 and a half months old today but here are some things he starting doing right at the 3 month mark and what you can expect to see him doing very often these days. wearing separates. no more man-capris instead of shorts. he looks so old! before you think he's growing up too fast though, those are still size NB clothes i think. (tiff and jorge!)

playing in his "office." as you can see he isnt up to the 4 month/25lbs requirement, but we knew he was ready right around 3 months due to his standing/bouncing addiction so we added 5 lb. weights to the sides so he could reach the ground. we have since removed the weights and added our wedding album box underneath as a foot booster/stage.

rocking tummy time FINALLY. for months he would just faceplant and rub his face alarmingly into the carpet while becoming enraged. this is much better. he is now holding his head up for minutes at a time and enjoying it more than a facial rug burn i would venture.

standing up in his crib! this one is shocking to me. lay back down and be a baby, judah! he looks like a little major league baseball player watching from the dugout. ok, granted, we picked him up and put him there, but he stayed there happily for awhile. he ADORES standing. anytime anything solid brushes the bottom of his feet, he tries to push off, straighten up and stand. this presents a problem while loading him into the car seat where, as soon as hit feet hit the end he goes into plank-mode and wont let his booty settle into the seat. we have resorted to karate chopping him in the hips to get him to bend. its so funny.

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