what a little color can do

these 2 little painting projects took us only a few hours and a few extra bucks on saturday, but i think they made a big impact...what do you think?

our hallway (i was going to call it the bedroom hallway, but we only have one!). we do hang pictures and such on these walls, but they were already down/not back up yet when we took the pictures. every time i go to judahs room now i get such a happy surprise of rich color rather than a reminder that we need to clean our scuffed up walls. jesse did 80% of the work on saturday AND watched judah while i was gone for 3 hours at CPR class. SUCH a great gift to come home to!

the entryway area off the side of our living room, which is the same color. i think we must have been too lazy to paint these walls back when we painted the whole living room in january 2008 (i was on a ladder painting when they broke the news about heath ledger dying...interesting factoid). i got those little paisley ottomans (ottomen?)/storage boxes/seats at target for $13 bucks (in the "decorate your dorm" clearance section i am ashamed to admit). i LOVE them. we think everything about the after picture just looks richer and more put together than the before. besides danielle, the owens' and jake and jesse, of course. the wall around the front door we painted as well, even though it didnt make the after pic.

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