biting the hand that hits you

in early august, judah discovered his hands (finally) and has been using them to flail at and beat nearby items of interest ever since. one of his favorite things to do his pick up the blanket, burp cloth, etc thats on him and put it in his mouth. he has gone off paci's 100%, we cannot get him to take one at all, and he's not interested in his thumb either; he prefers to put his hands in the folded praying position and suck on the back of this double-fisted configuration.

since he's always been great at standing, judah has really been LOVING his baby einstein "office" (my cousin lindsey, who has twin 3 year old boys, gave us that name for it because when they get in it and start spinning around from toy to toy they look like little workers in their desk chairs spinning from computer to phone, etc. too bad judah doesnt have the torque power to spin yet). its great because he can stand and bounce within reach of tons of stimulating objects and activities. we are loving it too (re: 30 minutes of free time for us...which we usually just spend watching, filming and cheering him).

he is really good at making this froggie spin, but i was concerned that he was wailing on this hard plastic amphibian and would eventually hurt his hand. well, his hand struck first, at both the frog and at judah. the first time he just barely hits himself on the backswing, and while he is recovering from that, he pops himself even harder in the face. we are so proud of his predominately left-handed dexterity and coordination to consistently make the frog spin in a true volleyball arm-swing fashion, but we'll be extra impressed when he shows enough control to not punch himself out.

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