yoda butt

as you may or may not know, i am a HUGE Star Wars nerd (the movies, not the strategic defense initiative). but its not just the movies, but all the books that were written based on the characters. think like, over 100 novels i own and have read multiple times. these include novels meant for grownups and kids. one of my favorite scenes of all time is when luke, on the advice of a vision from ben kenobi, arrives on dagobah searching for the mighty jedi master yoda and doesnt realize its yoda he has encountered. instead, he just thinks he's a mischievous little imp trying to steal his ration bars. here is the hilarious meeting scene.

well i have always thought yoda's little butt is so cute while he is raiding luke's ration stash, so naturally when i discovered that judah has a bit of yoda butt himself i just had to share.

the original puppet-bum on dagobah

the padawan booty in training on planet earth

the fact that judah's name sounds a bit like both "jedi" and "yoda" is just a happy coincidence, i assure you. bootini!

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  1. Soo...maybe you DO have "setups" of your own around your house that Judah will mess up when he starts crawling...don't worry, Alli will lend you a sympathetic ear. Kristy