labor day eve

we decided a fun part of our new magic life would be starting random family traditions and celebrating holidays in unconventional ways. i give you our first installment: labor day eve camping.

since we have a 3 month old we decided to give ourselves a break and not really rough it. we "camped" in the grass of the traffic circle of the grandukes house

yay! the house that jesse built. the really cool thing is that those trees off to my left hold two lots of land that the dukes have given our and jesse's brother, jake's, family to one day build our dream house (or for jakes family of lovely ladies: "fairy cottage") on. hopefully we will be spending many magical nights on this land in the not so distant future

"where are we and whats going on? you guys dont usually sleep with me!"

heading off to sleepytown in the lovedome. ew, not like that. judah was between us, hello?

babies gotta burp in the wild too

mommy and daddy and one unhappy camper right before his first tented meal. yikes, looks like his meal was over cooked!

time to wake up! we DONT go anywhere without the miracle swaddler. looks like his night sleep was pretty good.

just so pleased with himself waking up and playing on our sleeping bag mattress.

look at that face!

the numbers

2: feeding sessions performed outdoors in our tent

3: the number of pages of my nerdbook, "wheel of time volume 10: crossroads of twilight," i read via headlamp before passing out

6: the number of times i woke up and looked over with blazing envy at the boys sleeping so soundly

infinity: the number of times i will do this again as long as its only...

1: time per year!