judah warms the house

on saturday we went to a housewarming party for two of our bff's, lena and elliot hunt. they got married on august 22, and jesse and i were thrilled to both get to be in and at their beautiful wedding. the night before the wedding was the first night we ever spent away from the bug, since we had wedding duties (aka partying in the penthouse) that wouldnt be conducive to the babelet being there. i will probably do a post just for the wedding at a later date. maybe some time before their first anniversary, but no promises.

picking up the little guy after the wedding. he didnt get the formalwear memo.

we made the 50 mile journey from east bumbly to west paces to hang out with them at their adorable new apartment. we took judah with us since i recently realized that when he is a little older, it wont be kosher to take him to these grownup parties. i mean, a sleeping baby in a carseat doesnt put the kibosh on a party for twentysomethings quite the way an 18-month old toddling around everyones ankles might. plus, at his age, if too much debauchery goes down, judah's too young to be scarred by it. so we are enjoying taxing our hosts' hospitality for the time being in anticipation of the dreaded day that we have to get a babysitter every time we want to have a beer and a conversation outside of fayette county.

*background info* lena and elliot were the first non-relatives to visit us in the hospital just 3 hours after birth (or should i say, placenta?). they were present for our first diaper change (by jesse) and they brought us the evil confection of chocolate chip cookie sandwiches held together by chocolate frosting filling surrounded by chocolate sprinkles and topped with icing with judahs name and bday on it. these little wonders helped me immediately gain back all the pregnancy weight that pushing out the baby had made me lose (there you go, elliot). they are both hilarious and wonderful whenever they interact with judah and seem to just adore him. he likes them too; he told me.

the future-hunts visiting judah back on the day of his great escape


the happy couple with the past and future culprits of my fatassedness


NOTHING grosses elliot out. not even meconium pampers (p.s. sick face, keight, please put on makeup)
so back to last weekend. we had a fantastic time at their place hanging out with tons of friends, showing off judah and trying to ignore the ticking time bomb counting down to the next feeding, knowing that while an infant may not kill a party of mostly young singles, breastfeeding sure will. luckily the hunts gave up their barely broken-in marriage bed for judah to take a nap on. i was a little nervous because their entire bed is white, but we put him down with all at-risk orifices covered (although we could have easily done laundry right there in their master closet where the W&D are kept for some reason).
since we didnt bring the baby monitor (another party-slayer) we set up our ghetto version. we call each other on our cell phones and then set one phone right beside judah and then go back to the party with the other phone on speaker and the microphone on mute. we didnt think of the mute part until i dropped some major cussage during a raucous storytelling moment and realized that i was, in essence, on the phone with my tiny son's sleeping cerebrum and didnt need any of my sailor-isms infiltrating his innocent dreams and lodging in his subconscious waiting to be hurled back at me during puberty.
the little bed bug: a visual reminder of what marriage beds make.

almost everyone left after we'd been there an hour or two, but when we make this kind of journey, we get our money's worth by refusing to leave at the polite time. so we stayed and played my favorite party game of taboo. i am awesome at this game as it is, and even better after a few beers. this is not sarcasm. unfortunately, the point of the game is to guess the secret word from clues your teammates are giving, and when i get really into it (or beer gets really into me) i tend to blurt out answers for the opposing team as well as my own. rats.

displaying pieces of the game in true danielle fashion

judah slept amazingly well and woke up mid-game to eat. he was kind of fussy eating directly from me (maybe because alcohol can make breastmilk taste weird to babies...relax people, i had like 2 beers in 3 hours) so we tried to give him a bottle of our emergency formula to get a full meal. before jesse even cradled judah to give him the bottle, elliot was like "oooh, i wanna do it, let me do it, can i do it?" elliot was a natural, even if he did try to burp judah by tapping him with his fingertips in the cat-scratch position. luckily lena is a professional childcare provider and gently corrected him.

judah's face says, "i'll eat, but who the hell is this joker?" (but look at their intertwined fingers!)

he still wasnt loving straight-up formula, since he literally has never had it outside of mixed in a majority of breastmilk. so while the game continued, i laid down behind a chair with the little guy and finished his meal (he decided he likes hefeweizen after all). back here is where i accomplished most of my own-goals, yelling out answers to the boys' team's clues. even though i scored points for the other team, i was impressed with my guessing skills. jacob just said, "they're served..." and i immediately yelled "hors d'oeuvres!" so right and yet so wrong.

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