holy. freaking. crap. (scroll down to the last, aka best, item listed)

we have prayed off and on since being pregnant with judah about whether purchasing a DSLR camera was a wise use of the money god has trusted us with. so many bloggers and friends have these amazing machines and it was really hard to resist. in the end, we decided that for the time being, we felt really blessed just to have our 4 year old point and shoot camera to capture our family memories and just couldn't pull the trigger on the bigger investment.

i am not trying to say that god did this for us, because i have a hard time believing that he cares about what camera we have. but man, this is cool. i was 100% just excited to be able to donate some money to a family seeking their 2nd adopted child. i found their blog through about 3 degrees of bloggy separation from anyone i actually know.

this is now the best thing i have ever won. previously i have won a raffle for a playstation 2, but, yeah, with a $700 price tag...this is WAY better. we are flipping out. before i even finished reading the lady's email telling me we had won i had both peed my pants a little bit and bolted out into the yard to shriek the news at jesse. after about 2 repeats he realized i wasn't in fact being murdered.

squeal of all squeals!

*UPDATE* i just found out from the giveaway family that there were 983 entries for the camera. i had 4 of these. nothing like a .41% chance paying off!


  1. AWESOME!! You are going to love it!!!

  2. wow, wow, wow. I am so jealous

  3. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. This prize is awesome to-ta-lly. Let me know how you like it... I recently told Matt we need to upgrade from the point-and-shoot.

  4. I saw that blog! Guess I shoulda donated, huh? Congrats!

  5. Im so freaking jealous right now that it isnt healthy. Im trying to be excited for you but its way too hard.

  6. Congratulations! That's incredible.