oh man, the story behind how we ended up with this car parked in our driveway, and poor, trusty voldemort the volvo for sale on craigslist death row is a doozy point five. in 380 days we have gone from 2 cars with 300,000 miles between them and ZERO intention replace them or to EVER purchase an actual new car to 2 brand new cars with just 25,000 miles between them and some confusion as to how it all happened. but hopefully this transition means we won't have to think about another car or step foot on a car lot for at least another 5 years. and just to be sure, maybe i should look into that 5-year birth control stuff.

the new kia forte. nickname pending; suggestions welcomed. must be harry potter-themed


  1. Here I am making the most of my 10 month old's nap time. I read your blog. I then google "harry potter nicknames" and clicked on:

    To which I came across:

    Forge (George Weasley)
    When each of the Weasley twins' Christmas jumpers in their their third year bore their initials (an F for Fred and G for George), they began referring to themselves as Gred and Forge (PS12). (They know perfectly well that they can give even their mother a run for her money in telling them apart.)

    Just a little play on forte. I guess now I should actually try and catch up on work. sigh.

  2. Sirius Black (but only if it comes with Sirius radio)

  3. Too bad you can't have a LOTR nickname, i.e.- Forte Frodo. Saying it outloud makes it even better. Delish!

  4. I think you should name it Berty Bott... from the Every Flavor Beans!

  5. Severus Snape, because he has the greasy black hair that frames his face like a curtain. I'll keep thinking for something more cleaver, but that is all I came up with for now.

  6. Fleur DelaKia, Albus Dumbleforte, Dexter (from Dexter Fortescue), Ginny Kiasley, DraKia MalForte (doubtful), or Kiasley Shacklebolt.