mercury rising

judah is sick.

his one and only symptom that we can perceive is a fever of about 103.5. i spent 2.5 hours at the doctor yesterday bruising my pregnant bum on a metal folding chair while judah had delirious fever sleep on me and drooled ten gallons on my shirt. they tested him for strep, his blood and his urine and nothing was weird except his white blood cells from the fever. so motrin, liquids, sleep and being generally pitiful is the prescription.

when he is unmedicated between doses his whole body is on fire and all he wants to do is lay on/near one of us and moan. it's so sweet and so sad. when the medicine kicks in it's business as usual and he is climbing, talking, and playing like crazy, including stomping the living hell out of jesse's bad shoulder yesterday. it was kind of a family-meltdown moment. the flip from fever to no fever is such a stark change that occurs so very quickly that my first instinct is to accuse him of faking. yeah right, like he could fake sitting still for hours. i guess it's just the miracle of modern medicine. i can't imagine life without baby motrin.

so they think it's just some weird viral thing that has to run its course. we are enjoying a sickness that doesn't seem to hurt him too much, is easily treated and leaves us with tons of snuggle time.

in a fever delirium this morning in bed with daddy. he just flops from one position to another every 5 minutes and just lays there whimpering and dozing until the next flop.

this is a favorite position (jesse, be more paranoid-looking, why don't you?)

bedhead, comfy clothes, chugging frosty beverages and standing on the counter are all a part of recovery.

is it wrong to love this so much?

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  1. It is NOT wrong...they are so BUSY now...i eat up every minute of snuggle time I can get! So sorry, he's sick though..let us know if we can do anything!