about us: summer 2010

i am trying to keep the "about us" tab updated at least once a year, but i cant bear to say goodbye to the older versions of this page. so i am posting them back in the archives of when i first wrote them. it's awesome to look back and see how i described our family once upon a time.

UPDATED: summer 2010.

the dukes: judah, keight and jesse

shalom, homies. we're the dukes. a family of 3 (soon to be 4) living in a tiny town in georgia. we started this blog in december of 2008 to keep our non-facebooking parents apprised of our pregnancy and family news, but in september of 2009 the blog became something more for us. amidst the chaos of having a newborn and working 2 full-time jobs we found ourselves adrift, just trying to get through the days: simply surviving. we decided to make a commitment to live out the magic that is life and love and family and creation and jesus and to do more than survive. the blog has since become a place to document that journey: good, bad, and ugly.

here's a little more about each of us:


jesse is the dad, hubsface, and leader of our family. he is a 28 year old youth minister and worship leader. he has a head full of lush curly brown hair and a heart full of jesus. you can usually find him playing guitar, fantasy football or, most likely, with judah. jesse went to georgia tech on a 100% full academic scholarship and graduated with highest honors with a double major in spanish and international affairs. he is the middle child of 5 and used to have a golden blonde mullet. his very first impression of me was a stuck up snotface. he was right and would end up proposing to that snotty face less than 2 years later. jesse is the resident zookeeper, bible scholar, and garbage man in our family. jesse is the absolute best at pretty much everything. -written by jesse. j/k. ha. jokes.

i am keight, the 28 year old wife, mom and screeching harpy of the family. i have a job that i love doing data analysis for the VP of an inventory company. i went to georgia tech to play volleyball and accidentally earned a business degree in the process. i decided to live for jesus my final year of college and met jesse shortly thereafter. it was a good year. playing volleyball at tech is one of my proudest accomplishments but ranks just behind delivering judah without an epidural. becoming a mom has made me much more laid back and a wannabe hippie. in fall of 2009 i decided to stop just sitting on my butt watching TV and start sitting on my butt, listening to TV while also sewing and making things. having a hobby is good for your health, marriage and self-esteem. i have a hard time reconciling the gospel of jesus with amercian church, but an even harder time getting the gospel right in my own life. you can typically find me trying to get judah to snuggle me, sewing, or overreacting. i am the resident dishwasher, budgeter, and chef.

judah, aka "the bug," is our first born allstar of a little man. he was born in may of 2009 and he has the stinkiest feet on the planet earth. he loves standing on unstable things, identifying hot surfaces and, more than anything else, his daddy. he starts dancing when he hears the theme to "elmo's world" and raises his arms above his head whenever we roll the windows down in the car. judah goes to preschool 4 hours a day and loves every minute of it. he will sit on the counter and watch us cook for hours. you can often find him in a full sprint, hoarding binkies (cloth diaper comfort objects), and stealing things from jesse's bathroom. judah is the resident cat terrorist, bath lover and head-stander. we wouldn't change one single things about this stinky little pistol of a boy. and no, we don't plan on cutting his hair anytime soon.

this is miss layla embry. she is set to rock our world in november. she is the little girl i never thought i wanted, yet already has me positively giddy about becoming a mom to a daughter. here is when we found out she was a little lady. we aren't sure is she is going to go by layla or embry, but we know that her full name has a lot of meaning. she is our resident fetus, produce-resembler, and object of wonder. you can often always find her in my uterus perched atop my bladder. we plan to deliver her completely unmedicated and then to love her relentlessly.

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