pablo picassNO

we have tried to be a little more intentional with judah's playtime lately. don't get me wrong, 90% of the time we are still just watching him cavort around and play with whatever interests him and then we just jump in and play along with him. but we have also started to take the lead on some activities. it's a weird change to go from the almost exclusively reactive parenting style that having a little-little requires, to the ability to be more proactive and planning ahead that having a toddler starts to afford.

we got judah a little paint set with our ticket winnings from chuck e. cheese a few weeks ago and so we decided to break them out and see about some finger painting.

while this is quite possibly the most charming picture of him ever taken, it is also incredibly deceptive. all of those marks on the paper were made by jesse or me taking his finger and manually showing him how to use the paints. he wasn't very interested in it on his own. i wanted to just post this picture and let the world think that we had a little artsy genius who was all smiles while fully grasping the concept of painting. but i just can't do it.

here's what judah really loved about our painting experiment:

splashing his hand in the water cup and slurping the painty residues off of his fingers. yeah, this picture is way more representative of his initial artistic leanings. oh well, he was happy and engaged for a good half hour and all the paint he taste-tested is non-toxic. perhaps the creative genius gene doesn't assert itself until 18 months. OR MAYBE what we have on our hands is a burgeoning little gastronome who would rather broaden his actual palate than his color palate. top chef season 32, look out!


  1. I've been blog lurking for some time. My girls were in Nat and Robert's wedding with you, and since we have many mutual acquaintances, I wind up here from time to time. You ought to check out 1plus1plus1plus1equals1.blogspot.com. The gal there has GREAT ideas for toddler activities and lots of free printables. BTW, I like your blog. And on the kid-sharing-room post, that can totally work. We have seven, so we've done that a few times!
    -Jamie Stovall

  2. haha, yay for lurkers! that blog you sent me to is jam packed with ideas and resources. thank you so much for the tip and the encouragement on room sharing! its great to finally "meet" you, the famous mother of 7