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i have been so slow in taking and posting this month's weekly belly with a side of produce pics. i think it has a lot to do with the fact that layla is resembling sizes, shapes and lengths of vegetables that i don't enjoy eating or spending money on. it's been kind of a bland 3-week stretch. the good news is that a yummy bounty is on the horizon (i have already bought and had to restrain myself from cooking week 29's visual aid).

26 weeks: hothouse cucumber. this species (genus?) of cuke is longer and skinnier than your garden or wild variety. at 14 inches long the boo is getting tall up in there. thank god she never goes pencil-mode and stretches to her full height, because it does not look like that cucumber could fit. however, sometimes i feel like she is stomping down directly on my cervix and a foot is about to shoot...out, so maybe that's what the cucumber at full attention is like.

27 weeks: she was the weight of a head of cauliflower, about 2 whole pounds. any ideas on what i can do with 2 lbs. of c-flower now?

28 weeks as of last saturday and she was about the length and weight of a napa cabbage. 15 inches long and 2 1/4 lbs. i actually made a yummy asian salad out of this last night.

so there we go, all caught up. i am now onto OB appointments every 2 weeks and next thursday i should get the results of my glucose tolerance/gestational diabetes test.

she is moving like mad and i am currently in a blissful period where i can feel every single move, jiggle and sashay that she executes, but none of them occur on my vital organs or ribs. soon though...

this is all happening very fast. november still sounds really far away, but once you get into the 30's in weekage, i mean, you are almost there. i don't know if i am ready to be there so soon. to do this again, to have to divert even one speck of love and attention away from him, to organize clothes, get things settled at work, and make way for a family of 4 which includes and features a newborn AND a toddler in the house. i am leaning pretty hard into jesus to carry us through the worries and struggles AND beauty of this next season of our life.

can we come eat and sleep (and pray...ha, topical) at your place if we lose our minds/jobs/house?


  1. There's a cauliflower as pizza crust recipe that I found over at Bodies in Motivation that is surprisingly tasty. Basically, pulverize it in food processor, microwave, mix with cheese and spices (and an egg, I think), top with whatever, bake. I was skeptical so did a rotisserie chicken/white sauce/grilled veggie 'pizza' thinking that if the crust was terrible all those things might taste could with cauliflower anyways. Two thumbs up.

  2. You are more than welcomed to stay at our place! Cauliflower puree is great with shrimp. Looking good girl!

  3. you can also use pureed cauliflower in bread recipes... have you seen deceptively delicious? good book with recipes that hide the health-crap so kids will eat it.

  4. I would do either soup or a marinated cauliflower salad. There are a bunch of good recipes here:

    Layla is growing!

  5. so weird to see all the "she" in this post. Icannotwait!