makings and cakings

you may have determined by now that i have a crazy unique bond with my L&D nurse, adrienne. i'm sure most moms appreciate the care they received while giving birth, but i am guessing that few people end up with their nurse as an actual, real life friend. once you've been where she has been and seen what she has seen, you might be surprised that she can still look me in the eye. here is a sampling of some of our exchanges since that faithful memorial day.

the first person to ever touch judah...that's kind of crazy.

adrienne won a giveaway i did a while back that was for a custom designed burp cloth. she decided that she wanted a cat in the hat design since her sons' room was going to have a seuss theme.

here's what i gave her. however, i am pretty sure she said she didn't ever use it, but instead put it in a shadow box in the room instead because she couldn't bear to subject it to baby isaac's reflux.

about 3 weeks later i was getting ready to host judah's birthday party the very next day and remembered that, like a space cadet, i didn't invite adrienne to the party. so i wrote her on facebook and asked her family to come. i also remembered at this time that as a hobby adrienne makes (pimp) cakes. i was too chicken to dare ask her to make something on such short notice, but being amazing, she read my mind and volunteered to make his smash cake (we had planned on going with a cupcake much to lena and my dad's mortification) on zero notice and the night before the party. it was AWESOME. she delivered the made from scratch, custom-designed, free of charge (whaaaa?) cake 5 hours after i had written her. that adrienne: she delivers. (get it?)

see, its a 3D number one.

being the selfless mother i am, i requested the cake in MY favorite flavor: yellow cake with chocolate icing (judah never spoke up with what he would like). judah loved it and only smashed one corner, so we got to take the unsmashed portion home and enjoy the entire week. SOOOOO good.

so earlier this summer, adrienne posted something on the blog about commissioning some made-by-k8 shirts for her two boys. she wanted them to be modelled after thing 1 and thing 2 , in keeping with her seussical theme, but didn't like any of the for-purchase factory made ones that can be bought online. enter me plus the 90-minute shirt tutorial mixed with some cat in the hat:

i was nervous that these would just be crappier-looking versions of the ones you can buy online, but the onesie style neckline with the long sleeves and white trim totally spiffed them up. i was also terrified of messing up the sizing since i couldn't measure the boys in person and had to aim for how big they would be by the time cold weather rolls around.

here is baby isaac sporting the 12-18 month sized shirt (he's only 6 mos. right now, so its supposed to be big.)

and big brother elijah rocking thing 1. he really looks like an actual adorable seuss character in the picture with that curly wild hair and skinny frame. so cute

things united

so not only did adrienne overpay me for these shirts, but she also told me when i gave them to her that i needed to go to the L&D desk when i came in for my OB appt. the next week (my OB office is in the hospital proper) and pick something up that she was leaving for me. i should have freaking known. she is beyond belief.

its a perfect little chocolate cake with an amazing peanut butter cream icing. when you are lucky enough to get one of adrienne's creations, you must take good care of it, hence the seatbelt.

i can say that i hate peanut butter desserts and don't enjoy chocolate cake, but this beast was tasty even with all of my weird quirks. the peanut butter icing was super subtle and wasn't sticky or overpowering and the cake part was soooooooo moist (sorry, marisa, i don't like that word either). jesse and judah have since destroyed this entire creation.

the ironic thing about my receipt of this cake was that my OB appointment was the one in which i get tested for gestational diabetes (remember last time? flavor: orange). this involves drinking a nasty ass sugar-laced drink and then waiting for an hour and having bloodwork done. you can't eat anything during this hour, which normally isn't an issue, but this time i went across the hall to pick up my surprise from adrienne during the hour-long wait, and so i had to sit there smelling the delicious cake while i sucked on the aftertaste of glucola, flavor: red. torture!

awesome. inaugural pictures with the new camera. jesse snapping away like this is some vogue photoshoot while i choke down the nasty. so embarrassing. didn't need this memory captured in 12 MP

just a tease for the picture...sorry, little boetie, i bet you'd actually really enjoy the drink, but you can't help mama on this test...that'd be cheating.


  1. I will let the moist comment slip because you were talking about my two favorite things chocolate and peanut butter. BTW Do you want the date in the corner of all your pictures? Those shirts are so adorable too.

  2. Special thanks to Adrienne from this guy as well because I surely got the lion's share of the delicioufication. And no we don't want the date, I'm just a noob and had the settings that way for the first couple batches of pics.

  3. The nurse at our doctor's office is a real life friend for us--we bonded over Anna way back when she was born since her daughter and son-in-law were the exact age that Joey and I were, and we both had girls within a month of each other(actually, Joey had gone in for his pre-marital bloodwork and that's how it all started). We'd lost contact with her when we moved to WY, but when we came back, she happened to be at the office we decided to go to! It's great having her, and we don't abuse our relationship...only now we think that all doctors and nurses want to be our friends...;) Kristy

  4. kristy, are you saying that we abuse the relationship for the sake of free cake?! hahahaha. and dude, i bet all the dr's and nurses DO want to be yall friends. especially if they've met allie.

  5. Oops, no that's not how I meant it! Hahaha--I mean that we don't call Kathy personally every time we are sick and try to get her to call in things--I've heard of people doing that. But she does give us free kids meals at Red Robin and has met us there for lunch! K

  6. ok. I LOVE those shirts. and judah's long, shiny hair. and dang...what a nurse.

  7. You guys are more than welcome! I was cracking up at the seatbelt picture, and then I realized, oh yeah-that would be quite useful while driving and help me keep both hands on the wheel! ;-)