surgery: photo-distilled

in case you were jealous of my thrill ride that was the past 2 days of jesse's surgery and recovery, here's a quick photo tour of his progression. somehow no photos were taken in waiting rooms.

enjoying one last left-arm suspension for a good 2 or 3 months.

in good hands for the next 2 days before heading to my parents'

trying to get a "before" shot of the afflicted shoulder while we wait in pre-op. you can see his existing 3 scars from the first surgery. he now has 3 new ones under his bandages that we haven't seen yet.

right before meeting the anesthesiologist. he's not medicated here, but he was freezing, poor guy. and this was hour #14 with no food or drink. it would end up being about 20 hours total with nothing before having some crackers that he promptly barfed up.

after. in recovery. bionic shoulder and a drunken husbo

looking SO good resting at home yesterday afternoon before blog reader and church friend/singer-in-the-band-extraordinaire, meloni, brought us a delicious meal from the whole worship team of chicken pot pie and pound cake (and even some animal crackers for judah!). sadly the pot pie is not expected to survive until the weekend because we are fatties and mel can cook!

24 hours made such a big difference. he can now do almost everything that he normally does after a "routine" dislocation. while very painful for him to go through (and me to watch) those episodes never really disrupted our lives too severely. so it is nice that we are operating (ha ha) at that level of productivity again. i am still the driver for the family, but jesse is fully capable of doing everything else for himself. the real test is when we get the bug back from my folks tomorrow. kind of scary. that kid is a destructicon.


  1. glad you are feeling better, jesse. surgery of all types is the pits.

  2. interesting, thanks