since we are such spotty posters, i decided to go back and put up all the pictures we have taken in the past few months. sadly there arent a ton, hopefully we will be more camera-happy when judah is in front of the lens and not us.

this is from our end of 2nd trimester/valentines day date night. fogo de chao...total protein-bonanza. i regret not eating more. (24 weeks 5 days)

snow day! march 1st. i felt it was important to get judah as close to the snow as possible. but really it was just painful. danger kitty looks on from the warmth of the house. he would become arctic cat later that day.

34 degrees (26 weeks and 6 days)

a more conventional snow pic

this is proof of the hatred for the aforementioned "glucola" drink that i had to imbibe at my gestational diabetes screen test. sicko sick. (27 weeks 2 days)

my first ever special-lady parking spot. i have seen these everywhere all my life but have not had much luck finding them now that i finally qualify. on a side note...NO ONE has given us their seat for me when we are waiting for a table at a restaurant or something like that. all these able-bodied men just sit there and stare at my belly (please let it be my belly) while i stand next to them and their cushy seats. jerks!

we never actually went in the store that provided the parking spot. oops? (28 weeks 5 days)

registering at target. jesse is adorable as usual. (29 weeks)

trying to hoist my ever-snugger pants up to an appropriate level. this is the extent of my "weight-lifting" these days (29 weeks 2 days)

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