daddy's boy...still

remember how i was conflicted over with judah's single-minded adoration of jesse? in case you were wondering if anything has changed with that whole dynamic, take a gander at this. this was not an isolated incident. he will answer this way 100% of the time. it is so freaking funny and yet so rude!

i have seen these kinds of videos before, but it is always the kid being told to say dada and saying mama instead. yes!

i really and truly and completely do not mind being a distant second to jesse in the judah's love department. i know he will hit a mommy phase at some point (probably every time my arms are full of lil' sister) and i am content to be the arms he reaches away from in preference of daddy as long as jesse continues to be jesse. hard to complain that the kid adores such a great role/underwear model.

but as far as this little trick in the video goes, man it kills me every time. i love how insistent he is, "did i not make myself clear? i know exactly what i am saying. DA-DA, woman, DA-DA!!!"and he does it with this little smirk on his face that says, "yes i am aware of what you're offering, here is my counter offer...it is final."

he can absolutely say MA-MA. he says it all the time. when he is hungry. we don't know if he is trying to say "more" or if he just thinks ma ma is food. my bad, i thought breastfeeding was us two forming an attachment and deep loving bond, but apparently i was teaching him that mama = snacktime. sweet. we have hypothesized that maybe he thinks that dada means both of us interchangeably, but when i look at those mischievous little eyes when he is answering, "can you say mama?" i tend to think otherwise.

we are wondering if he doesn't know that i am mama. so every chance we get we point to me and say mama. point to jesse, "dada;" point to keight, "mama." maybe he gets it. maybe not. either way, whenever we say mama he says dada. like clockwork.

kid just loves jesse more than anyone else on earth. well, judah, that makes two of us. maybe we can hang out (grab a bite of "mama?") sometime and talk about how amazing he is.

p.s. this says it was "by Jesse Dukes" but it wasn't. it was by keight. i must have been logged in as him when i wrote it. that would have been pretty lowdown of him to write this post about how much judah prefers him over me.

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  1. I totally feel your pain, my little one does the EXACT same thing. I'm like, do you not KNOW what I've been through for you???