the story of us pt. 2

the second in the series of us: jesse! (for part one and backstory see moday's post)


  1. In some of your baby pictures I see how Judah looks like you, then watching this installment for Jesse, its amazing how much he looks like him! I guess that means Judah is a perfect mix of both of you! Oh, and P.S. I love the middle school volleyball pic...those were the days. Remember how much we tormented Fritz?

  2. This is awesome, Keight--how I loved watching this while I'm in an Archive room in Gloucester, UK --it's a pleasat relilef from looking through microphish for my friend that I'm with. Miss you guys!!! Thanks for including the pictures of me with Jes--what a great boy he is! I'm awed at how you find and enter all the pictures into an amazing video. Brilliant!! (ps help me remember to get the originals from you when I get back, OK?)