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update: some people have asked...some rudely (lena) and some nicely, where exactly the peach cobbler recipe is. here is the direct link if you couldn't find it under the tutorials tab on MADE.

a blogfriend left a comment recently asking about my favorite sewing blogs that i visit for inspiration and instruction.

well, most of these can be found in the right sidebar under "get your lurk on." but since this is a list of ALL the blogs i follow: friends, funnies, jesus, parenting, crafts, etc. i thought i would pinpoint a few of the blogs that have been blowing my mind of late. this question also impelled me to go find some more awesome crafty and sewing sites.

holy moly, i just found noodleheads this week and i have since added about 4 of her tutorials to my "to be attempted" list. this is my attempt at her diaper pouch. i love it because it's so much more unique and less femmie in construction than those diaper clutches you see everywhere.

hers are way cooler looking, but this was seriously no problem to make following her instructions. a total beginner could do this pretty easily. i want to make these daily! (i had to sharpie our name on it after i was playing around with what it might look like on the strap and used pencil to sketch...but pencil isn't erasable on fabric, dumbhead.)

i didn't get the lining just right so it was a little shallower than intended, but mine can hold about 4 diapers (sz 3), some diaper cream, hand sanitizer and a travel wipes case (well, a shorter square one than my huggies container, because i messed up) it has a velcro closure and is totally useful when you have to just grab and go and only need the essentials. plus it's useful to be able to see home many diapers you are packing at a glance

i also plan to tackle these drool-worthy projects of hers ASAP (why is my fabric so blah and hers are so coooooooooooool?):

i think you can't have possibly missed my obsession with dana at MADE. she is the sewing maven behind the warhol dress, ringer t-shirt, market skirt, hobo bag and summer dress that i have recently been so proud to make myself. she has tons of free tutorials that are so simply explained and well-photographed, so go over and check her out.

well, i had noticed that she also throws a recipe in every now and then, and this week she was featuring peach cobbler. now i am NOT a fan of your typical cafeteria cobbler with the canned fruit gurgling around in gel under a 1/2 centimeter of soggy pastry tectonic plates. but this was a 100% from scratch (scary, i know) cobbler made using only fresh peaches and stuff that everyone already has in their pantries. plus i figured she had never steered me wrong before (and her pictures made me start salivating on my keyboard), so i sprung $1.41 for some extra ripe georgia peaches and $2 for some vanilla ice cream (a must have on top) and headed home to bust this mother out, feeling a little intimidated but cautiously hopeful.

the crown jewel of this dish is the shortcake crust that comes on this. it's not a super sweet pie-crust type deal at all. its just like the biscuit you get in a traditional strawberry shortcake that is savory and crumbly and delicious and goes perfectly with sweet fruit and melting ice cream. i am not even kidding about how easy and amazing this recipe is.

we had this for an appetizer and dessert that night. holy cow you guys, it's straight ridic and so perfect for summer. our platter full didn't survive in our house longer than 24 hours and you better believe i am making another one tonight! we NEED this in our house, and as long as GA peaches are $.88 per lb. there's no stopping me.

i am so serious that this was not staged. i sat there with the camera and waited for the first bite to blast his mouth. this is what he came up looking like. that's severe approval, y'all.

a really cool thing that i came across in my crafty web wanderings was this contest called So You Think You're Crafty (a play off of So You Think You Can Dance, my formerly favorite show...ugh i HATE the new format). this blog hosts "seasons" where 10 crafters participate in a weekly craft-off in which readers vote blindly (we don't know which blogger/crafter made which project until after) and the lowest vote getter gets kicked off every week until it's down to one winner. the cool part is that the bloggers put tutorials up of their submissions on their own blogs after each week, so you have several of projects to choose from every week if you wanted to make something yourself. there is always a theme each week (baby gifts, dollar store crafts, etc.) and this week was water. stop by and vote and grab some inspiration. maybe one day i will try out for a round of sytyc!

some more sites that are basically web design and crafting eye candy for the likes of me and that also feature a bitching amount of free tutorials are:

oh man, i could just sit for hours and marvel and the stuff that goes on here.

sort of like a union station for all the best in crafting from around the internet. she points you in the direction of awesome ideas and tutorials featured on other sites as well as compiling some awesome tutorials herself

if this doesn't fire you up to start creating something, then nothing will. at least make the cobbler. for your own good.


  1. just waiting on my adult size skirt.

  2. 88 cents a POUND!? man oh man I miss georgia right now!!! They're like $1.50/lb up here :( AND from california??? since when does california make peaches? anyway, I MUST send you the johnson family secret recipe for strawberry cobbler... easy & DELISH! i'm also so inspired to be crafty, but have ZERO room for a craft nook... i'll just live thru you :)

  3. Love love love the diaper tote!!! I will totally buy one from you for next baby Del Angel!

  4. Where is the recipe for the peach dish? I am not crafty; looks like you inherited that gene in the family or maybe from the Vincents? Love you. One of your devoted fans, Aunt Jo

  5. it's on the "tutorials" page down at the bottom in the food section

  6. Love all the recent posts and how did I not know that Jessie proposed to you during a bible study? Perhaps an engagement post could be around the corner for those who don't know that story?

  7. Keight, do you mind sending me the direct link to the mail sorter tutorial? I LOVE this (thinking about making two, one for our mail and the other for Ainsley's school papers), but couldn't figure out which site it was on. I went to both MADE and Noodleheads and didn't see it. Thanks in advance!