sew totally

hi, my name is keight and i'm a sewer.

i think to avoid confusion, i should be typing that as sew-er, but anything that combines potty humor with crafting is right up my alley.

looking back, i could kill morning sickness for robbing me of 2 months worth of energy and brainpower when i could have been sewing. maybe it was finding out we're having a girl, or discovering some awesome sewing blogs, but i am officially obsessed and can't get enough. i have driven a needle through my fingernail, snipped the meat of my birdie finger right in two, andimpaled my palm on a seam ripper, and, you know what? i didn't feel a thing because of the adrenaline. sewing adrenaline.

i am trying to clump my sewing adventures into consolidated posts so that this little corner of the webbernets doesn't become one-note, but it's hard because i am kind of one-note right now myself.

when i'm not in the craft nook, i am thinking about being in the craft nook. when i am at home, i am most likely in the nook. i am probably cursing its tininess and the fact that nothing is laid out right and dreaming of the crafting palace i will undoubtedly insert into the blueprints (with a crayon) of our new house if we can ever trick someone into paying more than $7 for our current one, but don't let the constant stream of nook-condemning profanity fool you, i am right where i want to be.

i am proudly embarrassed to admit that i have been carrying around several of these latest creations with me wherever i go and not-so-adroitly ("hey, your wearing clothes, obviously that means you want to see some baby clothes i've made. what? can't hear you! it's too late to stop me, here check it out! RUFFLES!") finding ways to whip them out and wave in unsuspecting friends' and family members' faces so that they can (aka: are forced to by my pathetically expectant face) do a verbal and the occasional literal back flip over my crafts. i'm so needy.

jesse's a great cheerleader and all, but smocking and ruffles just doesn't get it up for him like you might expect. at least not on baby clothes.

here's my dirty little secret. i am not good at this. seriously, y'all, i am really bad at following directions, i rush things and have to go back and do them over again and i get really frustrated over the easiest little steps. i make really dumb mistakes and take project to the brink of utter destruction. but i have only ever had to completely give up on and trash one project. i never watched anyone sew before or took a class. i just decided one day that i wanted to be creating something other than ass indentations on the sofa and went for it. it's just really easy.

my biggest help and inspiration is finding tutorials from other bloggers. if i could think up a project of my own that wasn't just ripped off, i would do a tutorial for y'all so that i could be the wind beneath your wings like these other blogs have been for me (that was what i quasi tried to do yesterday, but so far, no takers). as much as i like the applause, i want to show people this stuff because i enjoy it so much and because anyone can do it. you can find cheapo decent starter sewing machines on craigslist for like 25 bucks. or you can have the one that i first started out on. it's in my attic, please come and take it and maybe find a new passion.

(seriously, does anyone around atlanta want it? would anyone enter if i made it giveaway #85?)

are you so totally inspired yet? or just looking forward to tomorrow when i won't write anything about crafting (that's probably a lie)?

here we go with some lately.

i need something in this pic to show scale. it looks like a gypsy's little bag of herb(s) in this shot, but it's really the hobo bag from MADE. i got a little hyper with making mine out of quilted other fabrics and used a tad too many for taste, but the construction was some of my best. it's actually about a foot tall and 10 inches wide. the tentacles are drawstrings

holy shit, i smocked a dress. this is by far the biggest payoff for the littlest effort of any sewing i have ever done. it looks so hard and impressive and is just the easiest technique ever.

pretty much the exact same picture. i just really like this thing

this is a picture of a $1 thrift store t-shirt i bought to use as knit fabric (way cheaper than buying new by the yard...especially if you're making kid-sized things). also pictured: layla in my lumpy asymmetrical stomach. hahahaha

here's what i made with it:

oh baby. so preppy i cant even stand it. it the warhol dress that i made before (and made judah model) but i added a freezer paper stencilled applique anchor. ahoy

i won't be forcing sewing stuff down your throat every day, i promise. i am going to add some tabs to the blog and hopefully sequester away all things crafty there so that if they repulse you, you can easily avoid them. this is just all over my radar right now.

i hope to write some posts soon about hilarious instances of the game taboo gone wrong, marriage fights that you wage over and over again for years upon years with no resolution, do some more giveaways to catch up to our now 93 followers (hi annie!), start cooking again, and then save the planet using my new found supercharged sense of smell, thimble-sized bladder and lack of balance. onward!


  1. Love it and the ruffles from yesterday are to die for!!! I'm obsessed with smocking so maybe I should learn how. I love that you are embracing and loving all things girlie!

  2. You get more talented by the second and I get more jealous by the second!!! aghghg...how do you even find the time! Love y'all!

  3. Oh yeah...and LOVE the new layout!! pics are way bigger and it's so easy to read! :)

  4. I love your sewing stuff! I need to get my machine out again. Maybe I can craft Miss Layla something- but nothing as cute as your stuff I'm sure. Hope you are doing great!

  5. I am sew jealous of your hot skillz!!!

  6. I love seeing your craft projects- keep sharing them! love, love, love the dresses!

  7. The sailor dress is totally right up my alley! Love it!

  8. If you get tired of storing all these cute dresses just send them our way! :-)

  9. Holy cow, I'm so inspired and I would totally take the sewing machine! I love love love the smocked dress, wanna make MG one next? :)
    Also, anchors are pretty much my favorite thing so I love that dress too! Layla is so blessed to have such a talented and witty mom! I wish I could say that I have made MG clothes...if I had a sewing machine, I just might!

  10. whoa. wowsers. whoa!! love all these new projects!

  11. Any chance you could give us a list of your favorite sewing blogs??

  12. a new blog!!! squeaaaaaaaaaallllll. love it! did you do it? did someone else? oh man I like it.

  13. Now I'm totally ashamed. I just went back and actually read the post. I would die a million deaths if you gave that sewing machine to anyone else. I told elliot that I wanted to sew and he said "is there anything you want to do that keight doesn't do" so yes I want to be just like you and get my sew on. I will make things for your children...promise.

  14. Loving the new outfits! Wish I was creative like that. I guess I could be, but I'm way too ADD.

    I haven't been commenting much lately because I'm too on the go, but caught up today reading posts and yo Baby Bump is gorgeous! Love Jesse's birthday post, too.