naked banana can stomp?

here's a bunch of stuff that i want to share but is not cohesive in any way.

i hate when judah gets bad diaper rash (probably because he spends 2 nights a week with my parents and the shock of going from organic health food back to our fare gives him crazy poops), but love that we treat it by giving him a break from diapers and letting it dry out. we end up with a precious naked tot running around our house.

considering public streaking

what i woke up to: judah pulled cans out of the trash and was carrying them around like a slightly crazy hobo with his most prized possessions. this would never fly under my watch, that sharp edge makes me nervous! (no, he didn't get a real haircut, i have to trim his bangs every few weeks or else they get all crusty from him rubbing them in his eyes when they're long enough to reach)

week #20, she's as long as a banana if she stretches out. kind of sad she isn't a boy just for this picture because you know what i SO would have done in that banana picture

judah loves bananas (one of the few words he will say; he calls all food "nah-nah-nah-nah," but enunciates really well when it's actually a banana )and his sister i guess. he was reaching for one of them.

can judah point to his nose? nope. can he wave or say bye bye? rarely. no, judah doesn't seem to have many commands down yet or be interested in doing what we say (though we expect he understands way more than he lets on through obedience), so imagine our surprise when he did this.
i spotted him last saturday randomly stomping his foot like he was leading a square dance. it was so freaking funny. so i got up and started stomping my foot and clapping and making up a remix to the cha-cha slide lyrics to get him to do it again. oh. my. lord. he soooo gets it now. we don't even have to stomp with him, we just say the words and he starts it up. we lose our minds every time and he is just so tickled with himself for cracking us up. this was the first time we caught it on film (that same day) there have been so many better ones since then, but jesse and i are usually rolling around on the ground laughing too hard to be able to find the camera and tape. he will now even initiate the stomp to get laughs out of us. oh man, this parenting thing is getting seriously fun.
please note that before he decides to stomp in this video, he decided to do a little risque swimsuit posing on the hearth.

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  1. HILARIOUS!!! that is awesome. he is for real the cutest!