the story of us pt. 1

hi there, i hope you celebrated the anniversary of america's teenage rebellion responsibly. we are on vacation all this week, but i decided to schedule some posts to be published throughout the week so everybody who stops by doesn't give up and go home forever. i wrote all the posts for this week ahead of time like a loving mommy prepping and freezing meals for her family to eat while she is out of town, so i don't want to ever hear that i don't take care of you (the 3 of you who care). this is the first time i have used the "schedule a post" feature and it seems really freaking cool. like time travel. mindjob!
i have been wanting for a long time to publish the slideshow that jesse made for our rehearsal dinner so that: 1. everyone could see what a great job he did, 2. my mom will have unlimited access to it since she watches the dvd version like once a month, 3. because it does a great job of showing the story of me, jesse and us, and of course because 4. i love a good slideshow; especially one that's all about me and jesse growing up and then falling in love. schmoop-fest, i know.
the bad thing about rehearsal dinner slideshows is that they're only seen by a handful of folks. even if you get to play it at the wedding, some people may be in the potty or too drunk to know whats going on. ours was played just once for the 80 people at the rehearsal dinner and then cycled on the wedding day on some tucked-away tv in a back room of the plantation house where we got married. but i don't think anyone actually watched it there anyway, and i always felt bummed that jesse worked so hard on it and more people didn't watch it. especially since many of our guests were in it!

so here we are. it's undeniably one-note; if you don't like us, you probably won't like it...unless you used to be our friend, in which case you are probably in it and should still watch it to be able to say, "i can't believe i ever liked her." it's so funny to see how much life and friends change in just 4 short years. there are people who were IN our wedding who i never see anymore and then people who aren't (ahem, lena) who play huge roles in our lives every day now. oh, circle of life.
it's pretty lengthy because, you know, that's how we roll, so i am dividing it up into it's 3 parts: keight, jesse and us. i'll publish each one on a different day. the last one is really the story part (and makes me cry every time!), but the first two have gobs of hilarious, adorable and awkward pics of me and jesse growing up (any lots of our friends and fam) that you may not want to miss.
for the technilogically fearful (mom): hit play and then pause and let it buffer (the little gray bar will move out towards the right and wait until it's mostly finished and then hit play so it doesn't keep stopping. this is my first time using vimeo, so i hope it works for everyone!

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  1. love it- especially the fact that I'm in it twice