back at it

i got my fixed computer back!!! the old girl came home from the infirmary where she got a new keyboard, LCD, hard drive and battery. so i was finally able to unload all the pics from the last few weeks. prepare to spend the next few days catching up.

first up: babygirl. on the naming front, we made a few little tweaks in what we are claiming as the meaning of her name. for instance with the bug, judah means praise and david means beloved so we took those and made a vision for the full meaning of his name as, "praise the lord our beloved has come," beloved meaning judah and jesus. so yeah, we are going to that with her too but the wording was giving me some trouble and i think we've settled on the final thing. so not much longer.

girly craftings: i got my challenge on by going way outside the comfort zone of what i had done so far and diving into dresses with bowtie yokes and ruffle-tiered skirts courtesy of the creative and tutorial genius of dana over at MADE.

first was taking a stab at this beauty: the bowtie dress (that she calls "the warhol dress" because of the awesome andy warhol stencil appliqué that she used) looks intense and store bought and perfect, right? yeah all of her stuff does. you are supposed to be able to make this in 2 hours using scraps of old men's t-shirts (the t-shirts are old, not the men):

kind of intimidated by the greatness of mrs. MADE. in merran's words, "i think i'd pay just to touch her serger." ha! sewing+stalking humor...right up my alley

and after a $1 piece of pink knit fabric from joann, one of my brother's old t-shirts that doesn't fit jesse anymore plus some sweat and ghetto-rigging here is my effort:

i am really proud of this. it looks like hers sort of! granted the bow is too bulky and i couldn't commit to a cute graphic to go with and i didn't have 100% matching thread so i had to use navy, but i will proudly tell people that i made this dress if anyone ever asks. i will probably even bait them into asking so i can brag.

of course the pattern was sized for 6-12 month old girls and i don't have any of those running around to model the finished product. oh, but wait i do have a 13 month old something....

cue burlesque music

ta-da! it fits. and he WORKS that dress out!

i proposed this modelling idea ever so tentatively to jesse and was shocked to find that he couldn't get the dress on judah fast enough; thought it was hilarious and utterly non-scarring. i thought i'd get shot down by daddy's machismo projections ontothe little guy. hell yeah for being secure in our tiny masculinity (judah's is tiny. NOT jesse's).

"does this make me look fat from the back?" NO sir it does not because you were going commando in it. now please don't leave any wiener stains on your unborn sister's dress.

next up was the market day skirt. this little bugger nearly ended me because of stupid mistakes on my part. but thank god that clothes have and inside and an outside and you can hide most of the scarring and snarls where no one will ever see (mad props to the makers of reversible clothing). this is for a 2T-3T lil' girlie so i'll probably end up gifting it to my niece or at least letting her break it in until our little miss can rock it herself (luckily my sis-in-law isn't a blog reader so this will still be a total surprise gift).

ruffles, tiers, pink, and flowers. yup, we're having a girl

and now to check in on the little boo in her current environs:

21 weeks: she is the length of a carrot from head to toe. i wash thisclose to braiding the stem of the carrot to simulate mother-daughter bonding. these fruit pics are misleading because sometimes they are comparing the produce to the baby's weight, sometimes overall size and sometimes length.

dropping a deuce on the beach at 21.5 weeks

and 22 weeks (if this looks smaller than 21, remember the schizophrenia of the pregnant belly). this was taken in the store (in case you thought that was my root cellar) with borrowed produce because i have no need for a spaghetti squash right now and was not gonna buy it just for the pic. i think this veggie is analagous to the baby right now in terms of general curled-up size. cute. maybe my favorite comparison so far

so that's what's been going on with/for judah's little sister these past two weeks. what the rest of us did is coming right up. feels good to be back.


  1. I love the dress and the skirt. I was ALL giggles in the library when I saw judah in that dress. We will have to have a side by side when she gets big enough to wear it. and bonus points for taking the picture in the g store. so awesome.

  2. The skirt and dress are to die for!! You should start selling those! I know a precious little girl that may be able to wear something like that soon :)

  3. love the dress! I am so intimidated by dress sewing for some reason. let's hope I am inspired by this. and you look so so lovely.

  4. that dress is amazing!! and judah in it is incredible! yall are the best!

  5. Love the dress, the skirt and Judah in the dress--he's adorable either way. Would be so fun to have a little miss who looks exactly like him from the privates up (and prvates down for that matter!)

    Glad to have you back, but the waway messages were very entertaining in your absence!

  6. ps You look GREAT in the beach pic! Blue and white are awesome on you...

  7. Violet will be happy to serve as a model if you need one!

  8. Welcome back! You are looking great and love the new items!