good thing

good thing i planned ahead and scheduled all those posts for when we were out of town. if i hadn't, we'd be looking at about 10 days with nothing new on the blog because now that i am back my computer appears to be trying to follow fred to heaven. hard to blame it. it's getting repaired right now and should be back today or tomorrow. the downsizzle is that i can't show you any of the pictures we took on our adventures until then.

i am not a huge fan of blog posts without pictures though, so i went and pulled off a few old pictures from my facebook albums. these are classic and should make waiting for a new post more fun.
halloween 2005 while jesse and i were working at our campus ministry at tech we had a big costume party for the students. jesse and i went as the classiest couple of that era: pregnant britney spears and her debonaire husband/baby daddy/backup dancer kevin federline.

my inspiration. in just so many ways...

too bad he was married...i had to settle for jesse. why are all the best ones taken???

and our representations:
standing in for a fetus at the time was a deflated dodgeball. this was apparently very convincing because we went out after the party with some friends while staying in our costumes and i got some MEAN looks while drinking a beer in the smoke-filled bar. i had to keep punching my "stomach" and saying, "dodgeball, people, dodgeball."

showing off our his and her ink. yes i did faithfully google their real tattoos while researching our costumes and diligently sharpie them onto our skin.

laugh it up youngins, you won't need that dodgeball, or your freedom, in 4.5 more years!

of course we totally won best costume for the couples category (or maybe it was second. i can't remember who could have possible beaten us, but if anyone did, clearly they didn't deserve it) and stayed in character 100% while collecting our prize by raunchily making out in front of everyone in celebration. couldn't pull it off without laughing and being appalled by ourselves though. if you're looking for my hips, lovehandles or the other half of my butt in this picture, don't worry, i was too. they aren't there. clearly my pregnant costume wasn't 100% realistic. wistful sigh. i was so naive. bonus: that is godfather lukas in the background folding up his costume: a burlap taco shell.

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  1. How bizarre, I was JUST thinking of Halloween and how I might have to commission you to make Violet costume.... apparently the holiday is HUGE in our neighborhood and we will be voted off the island if we don't fully participate. How hard would it be to turn my pudge-ball into a football?