don't judge a book by it's cover

...because you might end up thinking that lukas and i are the expectant parents posing with our midwife rather than lukas and danielle posing with their future goddaughter for the last time in-utero (they won't be home again until crimus and she'll already be out)

...because you might be tempted to think that lena really cares about judah's comfort and safety, when in fact, seconds after this picture was taken, when i told her, "that was a really good picture of you, lena," she said, "awesome!" as she threw judah on the floor like a discarded prop

...because you might end up mistaking an awesome, loving godfather for a creepy abductor


  1. hahah I love judah. doy. and I got a really good laugh out of danielle and elliot.

  2. Judah gets more beautiful by the second!