commence climbing phase

judah has started climbing on/up things. for instance jesse took him golfing the other day and he climbed from the ground into the cart. from standing in the cart he then climbed up onto the seat. unsatisfied, he proceeded to climb onto the top of the back of the seat. he then perched up there and lusted after the beverage cart across the way once he caught a glimpse it's even higher additional level: the cooler on the back.

also, we left the attic pull-down ladder hanging in the hall one day and found him about 3 rungs up. yikes.

it's pretty amazing how far above sea level the kid can get with legs that are only like a foot long. here is a sequence of pics from last sunday morning. i prefer him to play on this chair instead of the couches because the cushions of this don't detach. his favorite thing is to climb up the couch, get behind the back cushions, push them all onto the floor and then nosedive off the couch aiming (debatable) for the pillows. or the floor.

looking a little rabid about that sippy cup. no, he didn't lose his pj shirt, this was the entirety of the outfit jesse put him to bed in. he looks like a cirque performer.

A+ parenting in effect right here. window blinds...arg. though i think we are good, i have put all of my adult brainpower to use trying to strangle myself with our blinds and i can't. so we're either good to go with a normal kid or living dangerously if he's actually some kind of genius

checking out another favorite play area while getting a salty mouthful of the arm: the garbage! he loves trashcans and pulling things out of them and then getting inside of them and trying to sit down. our little oscar the croucher.

we recently moved this chair to the corner and he just discovered that there is actually a free space behind the back of the chair. he tried to climb back there but i stopped him. maybe one day if i'm really stressed i'll let him go back there and see how he likes it while mommy takes a nap

so pleased to find himself 2 feet off the ground. should i even bother mentioning how in love with this little marmot i am?

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