"tug" is a game jesse loves to play with the dogs (click here for proof and oooold school blog pics). the dog grabs a stick, towel, toy at one end and jesse grabs it at the other. they tug until one of them (jesse) gives up.
turns out, judah loves this game too. jesse upgraded for the little man and actually puts the object in his mouth too for a more even playing field. mouth-to-mouth tug. complete with plenty of growling.

a common sight on a saturday morning. judah loves our camera case so it was the objet de tug this time.

judah wins round one. but daddy resorts to dirty tactics: beard scruffing on judah's exposed nakey skin. this results in daddy getting the case back...

until judah whips out a dirty maneuver himself. "i'll take that."

16 weeks pregnant picture (we are so behind, sorry. though you can see why i might not be hopping out of bed every morning with excitement for documenting this) is an avocado. i think the length is what's important here since avocados seem smaller to me than most apples to me (though we used an orange on week 15 anyway)

i think my regular jeans made it to 22-23 weeks with the last pregnancy, but this go round, i will be thrilled with making it to 20 (though not finding ANY good maternity shorts that don't send me into a downward shame spiral may force me to stay in the regular jeans longer than comfortable)

awesome. and i just sneezed and peed in my jeans (the bladder control is nonexistent anymore). so that will force me to wash them tonight which will make them super tight (sexy!) tomorrow. at least they won't have judah's animal cracker-y mouthprint on the leg anymore though.


  1. I feel you're pain..bladder control also goes out when you're about 50 and have had 5 children. I have to cross my legs if I'm going to sneeze, or it's (literally) all over. You should see me trying to do this nonchalantly in a grocery store or other business establishment...not a pretty picture.

  2. I found some good maternity khaki shorts at Target since it was 100 degrees in Oklahoma like in March. Other than that- not much luck sorry!